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Si Sutton 10-feb-13 Intellidantzia pres Valendantzia

11 February 2013

Hey everyone,

So last Valentines we went all tender & mushy, which was great, however it doesnt tick all the required boxes when it comes to relationships. As anyone in a strong partnership will tell you, love exists on many levels & perhaps grows because of that. That surely means then that its not all candlelight dinners, wine & roses! Sometimes you just need to get your sweat on & move to a rhythm you can both feel, be that fast & pumping, or deep n nasty.
So with that in mind, here’s a selection for an alternative Valentine, designed to help you swing from the rafters & grind your ass to a groove…

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D’Moov ft Nicole Henry – For The Love Of You (Feliciano Keyapella)
D’Moov ft Nicole Henry – For The Love Of You (Dave Harness Harlum)
Shane D – Etta’s Jam (orig)
Barry White – Come On (Clubhouse)
Patrick Green ft Nicole Henry – My Love For You (orig)
DJ Duke – So In Love With You (Pizzaman House)
Pulse – The Lover That You Are (Marlon D & George Mena Deep)
Mario – Let Me Love You (Darren Campbell)
Richard Earnshae ft Imogen Ryall – Cry Me A River (Black Coffee)
Blaze – How Deep Is Your Love (Asad Rivi Submerged Vox)
Musol vs Doruk Ozlen vs Originals – Baby Im For Real
Fantazia Barino – Free Yourself (Dave Harness)
Gabor Deutsch ft N’Dea Davenport – Love With Desire (Ricky Inch Nusol)
Sinergy vs Drizabone – Real Love (Classic Club)
Ultra Nate – Love’s The Only Drug (Adam Rios Shelter Vox)
DJ Pope ft Lynette Smith – Addicted (b-sOul Addicted to Love Vox)
Raze – Break for Love (Onionz Down With Luv)
75 Mood ft Dexter Porter – My Love (Kiko Navarro’s So Deep)
Change – Glow of Love (Jet Dub)
Black Masses – U Know How To Love Me
Robert Owens – In Love Forever
Jellybean & Jovonn pres Hosana Littlebird –  You Took My Love (Jovonn Next Moov Club)
Frankie Knuckles & Satoshi Tomiie ft Arnold Jarvis – And I Loved You (Classic Club)
Halo & Side Street Players ft Maya – This Love (Full Vox)

So hopefully Cupid will appreciate the help we’ve given him here & Thursday will ring to the beat of many a boot knocking, but I will be back on air by the time you’ve got your breath back, Sundays 8pm-10pm, Pressure Radio
Si Sutton


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