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c2eMusic Radio Show 02-Mar-13 Quick Fix

14 March 2013

c2e music quickfix
c2eMusic Quick Fix

This has to be the shortest podcast I’ve ever done but it was just a quick cover in between John Mateo’s marathon session and Brother C’s Soulful Saturday show.

With it being 9:15 in the morning in the UK I was keen to keep it on a mellow tip so it was nice to play a chilled deep set with no aspirations of cranking it up a notch or three.

It’s been a long time since I released anything that fit onto a CD, this little fella at 45 minutes long only takes up half a disc or one side of a good old TDK 90!  It’s also over before you know it, and hopefully leaves you wanting more without ruining your appetite (should have called it the Milky Way mix :)).

Download Mix Here


1: Lovebirds – Keep Coming (Alex Bowman Mix 2)
2: Ron Trent – Message To The World
3: Our Projects – Ravenswood
4: Sean Smith – Left 4 Dead
5: Move D – Your Personal Healer (Hydraulic Guitar By JuJu)
6: Christo – New Jazzno
7: MdCL – Feels Like Home
8: John Legend – Ordinary People (Karizma Kayorican Mix)



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