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c2eMusic Radio Show 11-apr-13 Deep Soulful Salad

21 April 2013

So named because we have a real mix of styles in here and it is just so damn tasty, I mean no extra dressing required tasty, and the freshness of the produce…… Once again big up them farmers.

Another show of almost only new tracks with the only exception being the last track, which you have to listen right to the end for, wait till your iPod stops, don’t guess it’s finished or you’ll miss it 🙂
With all the clocks having changed around the world now the show starts later in the Northern Hemispere and the effect has been great.  More people able to listen in both in the chatroom and on the outside.
The mix goes through a number of transitions, or if we are sticking with our salad theme flavours.
First up is the smooth deep sound that underpins the whole mix – the lettuce if you like.
Fair to say there is a lot of lettuce in this salad 🙂  almost 40 minutes worth, although there are a few varieties to entertain your palette.
We then have a good wedge of vocal sounds – adding the soulful edge to what would otherwise just be a deep salad – you know tomatoes, onion – no cheese though – you won’t find cheese in a c2e salad (despite what the picture would indicate!)
I ended up adding more than originally planned, but we were cooking on the fly and it tasted good.
There are then the herbs and spices which sit between the vocals and the meat (no one said this was a veg salad).  They are the transition tracks that bind the whole mix together.
Into that we add the meat, and plenty of it.  Very lean medium rare thinly sliced and very tasty.
It has flavours you won’t tire of.  I made it last night and it’s still tasting great next day, and I’ve eaten two portions back to back!
Hope you can join me next week (Thursday’s 12pm to 2pm UK time) in the musical kitchen.  No ingredients or recipe yet, let’s see what we can whip up together.

Big thanks to everyone that tuned in and to the Thursday morning Pressure family who hang in the chatroom, always a pleasure.
Now go grab those salad tongs and get stuck in.


1: Mindsoul – Don’t Stop
2: Elef – Lazy Liz
3: Fred Everything – Brothers & Sisters (AM Pacific)
4: Boolu Master, The Decks Group – Thinking Again (The Master Mix)
5: Johnny Dangerous – Beat That Bitch (Soul Channel Instrumental)
6: Evan Iff – Slide
7: Zoo Look, Amy Lyon – All Over Me (Detroit Swindle Remix)
8: Shea – Where Did You Go (Atjazz Floor Dub)
9: Botshelo Huma, nkokhi – Something New (Josh Milan’s Honeycomb Vocal)
10: Kings Of Tomorrow, April – Fall For You (Sandy Rivera Classic)
11: Namy ft Josh Milan – From Now On (DJ Spen & N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
12: Ralf Gum, Kenny Bobien – The Only Way (Terry Hunter Mix)
13: Nativeroots, Zano – Taking Over The World (Sean McCabe Overdub  Mix)
14: Akabu, Alex Mills – Everybody Wants Something (Akabu Warehouse Mix)
15: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Send A Prayer (Part 2)
16: David Harness – Soaring Over Brasil
17: Eltonick – Last Call
18: Evan Iff – Busy
19: Erin Leah -Radio Billie Stereo Ella (Thommy & Spen Dub)
20: Sonarpilot – Open House (Danny J Lewis Remix)
21: Animist – Reeser
22: Lars Vegas – The Game
23: Supernova – Never Give Up
24: Bordertown, Wicks – Do You Know
25: Marlon D, Bhoddi Satva – Power Of The Drum (Marlon D’s Deep Tribal Mix)
26: The N69 Project – Vitamin Trax
27: Bacteria – Touch Your Soul
28: Alan Smithee – Blue Blackness (Dub)
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