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Si Sutton 7-Apr-13 Intellidantzia

12 April 2013

Hey Everyone,

So this show was inspired by all things Vocal Booth & therefore aimed at the VB Family, both those with previous errh, experience & the newbies, whose adoption papers wont be officially signed off until they’ve shared time & space with the family… I say inspired, but what I think I really meant was reminded in so much as these tracks both evoke & elicit feelings I embrace when shared with The Family. So come with me to a musical world of whatever you want it to be, with a tracklist that goes like this….

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The Groovers – Where You Belong
Konny Hathaway – Back Together (Siike Pass)
Chic – Good Times (Lets Do It Again)
Odyssey – Weekend (John Morales M&M Vox dub)
The Juan Maclean – Happy House
Groove Motion vs Jason Experience ft Iyona – Mainline (Soul de Marin)
Teena Marie – I Need Your Lovin (Full Intention)
Nathan Adams – Falling (LV EOL )
Nathan Adams – Falling (Beats tool)
C. Randall ft Andre Saxman Brown – One Take Sax (orig)
Fuzion ft Kenny Bobien – Im Free (Ambient Drum Vox)
Ben Watt – Lone Cat (Justin Martin)
Alex Font – Its Back
LadyMarySound ft J T Thompson – Who Is (JT Vox)
Salah Ananse ft Stephanie Cooke – So Lovely (Rune Vox)
Ursala Rucker – Listen To My Drum (Instru)
Michael Watford – For Your Love (Melchyor A’s dub)
Dawn Tallman – U Turn (Ospina Anthem)
Arnold Jarvis – Love of My Life (main)
James Ingram – Lean on Me (Todd Terry)
Art Jones ft Tshedi – Listen With Your Soul (CWB’s Capitol)

As always my thanks go out to everyone that took the time out to join us in the chat & of course all the silent listeners for whom Pressure Radio is a constant soundtrack to their lives… & you guys, your download support is truly appreciated.
I shall be back on air, Sundays 8pm – 10pm Pressure Radio
Si Sutton


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