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c2eMusic Radio Show 27-June-13 Forget me Not

5 July 2013

Not that you ever would….but after three no shows due to overseas travel it’s a possibility.

I had every intention of doing lot’s of digging on the various music sites to find gems and the like whilst away. But when the alternative is spending quality time with my beautiful wife and precious children there was only ever going to be one outcome.
So last minute trolley dash the day before the show it was!
Wasn’t sure what to expect, you know when you’ve been away and you think you’ve missed out on lots of stuff. Truth is that’s rarely the case, however maybe it’s because I had taken a month off form trundling through tunes day in day out that I found the stuff I did buy exciting and inspiring.
Was over the moon to see the Pressure family in the chatroom for the show on my return, Leah, Jules, Kev, Mark, Nick, BG and Jeff, thanks for remembering to not only tune in, but jump in for a good old Thursday chinwag.
No more travel plans in the short term so business as usual on Thursdays again.
Big thanks to everyone that tuned in on the outside and to all of you that download on the Podcast, your continued support is always appreciated and genuinely keeps me going.
It will all end one day, maybe when my kids take over (yeah right) but for now…..”Gotta have house music, all night long.”
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As you may have noticed the mixes now contain click through links on the artist name to allow you to purchase.  Please support these guys for the stella work they do. Without them this would be 2 hours of white noise and we would be dancing to pop music in the clubs (shudder).

1: Kez YM – Garda
2: Kirill Tipo – Feel The Broken Line
3: Effluxion – Blue Room (Loz Goddard Remix)
4: Yohan Esprada, WUMM – Deep Time
5: Dual T – Rainy Afternoon
6: Lowpazz – G.O.D. (Shur-I-Kan)
7: Black Loops – Right Now
8: Mike Sharon – Set Me Free
9: Fanatix, Sara Devine, Sterling Ensemble – Call On Me (Rhemi Club Mix)
10: Ross Couch – Can’t Get Enough
11: Steve Beltram – You Gotta Be Free (Jerry Flores Rubber Dubber Dub)
12: Reagan Grey, Ingrid Jones – Lovelight Flight (Earnshaw’s Deep & Modified Vocal)
13: Mistura, Joey Negro, Kendra Cash – Smile (Shur-I-Kan Future Vox)
14: Eric Kupper – Oscilations (Part One)
15: Kerri Chandler – Hallelujah (Demarkus Lewis Extended Praise Mix)
16: Wyen Solo -Smile (Groove Assassin Dub Remix)
17: Jeremy Sylvester – We Go Deep Down
18: James Dexter – Only You
19: Spiritchaser – Visions (2013 re-touch)
20: Falomir!, Raoul – Make U Dance (Lounge ‘n’ Deep Mix)
21: Claptone – Another Night
22: Rokaz – Rings Of Saturn
23: Roland Nights – Til The Morning (Mr V Main Mix)
24: Nick Holder – Forever In A Daze



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