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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 30-June-13

2 July 2013

Hey Everyone,

So this show was following the Pressure Radio & Vocal Booth Summer Ball which celebrated 10yrs of Pressure Radio, which in turn was a lovely way to warm up for September’s full on celebrations….oh & it was also Andy’s birthday. It was held in a beutiful spa hotel in North Leicestershire & started at lunchtime through till the wee small hours….I tell you all this to give you some idea of the condition I was in when it came time to do my show. The show must go on so they they say, so I sucked it up, grew a pair & in my opinion, delivered the goods. Its a little tuffer than usual perhaps, a few more deep basslines n dubz & we dont let up until quite close to the end where we chill things out with some haunting piano led soul, with the rest of the playlist looking like this:

Direct Download & Listen Again

Deep & Disco – Feel The Rhythmn (orig)
Scrapped Ones – Close The Door (orig)
Brendan Costigan – So Many Times
Sherbert Dip – Our House Music
Thermo – Take Six
James Shoji – Heatwave
Chris Rubz – A DJ Saved My Life (Jesus Navara)
Joshua – On Our Way (Joshua’s Dub)
Andy Caldwell ft Omega – I Cant Wait (Mo’s Vox)
RescuePoetix – Soul-Diers of House (DJ Punch)
Dimitri DJ ft Azzura – Free (Dimitri’s Version)
Neal Conway ft Biblical Jones – U Cant Bring ME Down (Union Effect)
Divine DJ ft Nicole Mitchell – Dangerous Love (Mark De Mio)
David Anthony ft Lisa Millet – Where Were You (Deep dub)
The Moody Freaks ft Donald Sheffey – YES They Do (SPR 13 Vox)
Cofano & Troby ft Nicole Mitchell – Loving Life (Bertrand Dupart)
Sole Vixon – Soul Keys (orig)
Nutown Soul – Caught My Eye (orig)
Tom Conrad ft Carla Prather – Shine (Victor Lavender Vox)
Miranda Nicole – Lonely No1
The Sunburst Band ft Angela Johnson – In The Thick Of It (Joey Negro)

My thanks go out to everyone in the chat that kept me going & of course, all the Pressure & VB family that got me in that condition to start with, to DJP for keeping Pressure Radio running so smoothly for so long & delivering the best Soulful House station on the net. To the Gillman whose sound systems literally bring music to our ears & to Andy for continually giving us the opportunity to celebrate our music & share it with our Family, which as you download this Podcast, includes YOU by proxy!
See you all next week for more of the same, with less of the pain 😉
Si Sutton


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