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c2eMusic January 2014 – Aural Delights

19 January 2014

So here we are first mix of 2014 and first up I’d like to say “Happy New Year” everyone, hope you all had a great break with friends and family.
January is usually a barren time for music and understandably so, I mean everyone needs down time and house music producers are no different.

In addition I’m very conscious of the strong UK Garage vybe that has flowed through most c2eMusic mixes in 2013.  Don’t get me wrong I love the sound, it takes me back to some great times back in the 90’s where it all started, however variety really is a key ingredient in a c2eMusic mix which is evident if you go back through the archives.  With this in mind I spent a fair bit of time trying to find a varied collection of sounds and styles to keep things interesting.  The task is then to thread them together in a way that makes sense and flows effortlessly, and that is no five minute job believe me.
The goal was to create something with the same feel as the old podcasts from 2007 to 2011, but using new tracks and I am really pleased with the result.
Stand out track for me is the outstanding Pablo Martinez mix of “Get On Your Feet” but there plenty of other choice cuts to enjoy.
In the old c2eMusic style there is a bit of something for everyone in here, which keeps the mix interesting for the full 2hrs.

I think 2014 may only see a Monthly release on the podcasts.  Other radio show recordings from the weekly show on Pressure can be found on the c2eMusic website, but they will be a blend of the old and new.

The radio show is still going strong so if you find yourself with a couple of hours free on a Thursday (night in Sydney, morning in UK) please tune in or even better jump into chat.

Thanks for everyone’s support in 2013 it was a tough end to the year but I appreciate the messages of support.  I hope to be able to bring music of the same quality as this mix throughout 2014 regardless of the styles used.
Again if you know of someone who needs a dose of warm smooth bass infused deep soulful house be sure to point them in this direction 🙂
Also don’t be shy with the feedback.  Is this mix the kind of thing you want to hear more of?  What works for you and what doesn’t?  Which is your favourite track?
You can either leave a comment or send a message on the c2eMusic facebook page.

Finally – big hugs and kisses to my beautiful wife who’s birthday was earlier this month.  She then went on to celebrate with a luxury all inclusive week away at the local hospital in A&E and ICU!  Not quite the start to the year we had in mind, but all is well now.  Huge thank you for giving me the space to do this every week.  It does take up a big chunk of time and I’ve been doing it for years now…………….I love you sooo much it makes my brain hurt.

1: deepa Grooves ft Jemmalyn – Close My Eyes (Atjazz More Than A Mix)
2: DJ Christos, Monique Bingham – Outta Sight (DJ Zero Deeper Mix)
3: Seamus – You & I
4: Alton Miller – Give It Up (DJ Romains Flipped Mixstrumental)
5: Gussy, Delgado – You Say Music
6: DJ Angelo – Let The Music Play (Rhemi Remix)
7: Cee ElAssaad, Brittany Tanner – Get On Your Feet (Pablo Martinez Remix)
8: House Bros, Underdeep Inc – Deep Inside (Tribute Mix)
9: Recloose – You Just Love You
10: Boe & Zak – Looking For Love
11: NY’s Finest – I Can’t Stop This Feeling (Dub Mix)
12: Tracy Hamlin – Home (Extended Album Mix)
13: Virgo – Try
14: Deep Character, Mad Boss, Big Daddy – NY Dream (Marlon D Minimal Mix)
15: Demarkus Lewis – Deeper Than Thou (Main)
16: Detroit Swindle – Unfinished Business
17: Natalie Williams, Reilly  – No Strings (Groove Assassin Slam Dub)
18: DJ Pierre , Felicia – Come Together (What Is House) (Supernova Mix)
19: DJ Pierre a.k.a. The Don – The Horn Song (Cajmere Rework)
20: Christoph – Guffaz
21: Savannah – Ida y Vuelta
22: Soundealers – Calling On You (A Rancido Soul Oddesey Mix)
23: Manfee M.K Clive – Perceptions
24: Rhythm Plate, Clyde – Bring It On Back



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