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Trevor Ricci 6-Jan-14 covers DJP’s SHAG Show

11 January 2014

I always love to cover DJP’s Time slot and this week was no different. This set was real mellow. Very jazzy and not geared towards the dance floor at all. This has been the coldest part of the winter so far and I thought a nice, cozy set for people who love to listen to the subtle nuances of high quality House Music would be perfect. This set is for all the people who just like to LISTEN to the music and I didn’t care one bit about the people who are only interested in the loud, banging and dance floor filling House Music.

To stream and download this 2hr set, just click here
The Party After (Reel People Remix) Muzart
Cook Out (Main Mix) Ultra Soul Project
So Amazing (So Amazing GU’s Main Vox Mix) Glenn Underground feat. Swaylo
Let’s Get It (Original Mix) Miss Patty, Mr. V, Hallex M, Djeff
Higher Love (Souldynamic Vocal Mix) Chieko Kinbara, Josh Milan
Live Without Love (Audiowhores Remix) Imaani
Daydreaming Claes Rosen
I’ll Be Waitin’ (Scott Wozniak Remix) Ayah
Out Of My Head (Original Mix) Funk Mob
Avenue of Dreams (Original) Sai & Ribatone, Thiwe
Smile (Honeycomb Club Mix) Tracy Brathwaite
Come Starlight (Original Vocal Mix) Nini Maluks, Sonja
Outta Sight (Main Mix) DJ Christos, Monique Bingham
I Might Do Something Wrong (Ethan White Raindrops Remix) Tortured Soul, N’Dea Davenport
Cascades Of Colour (Kiko Navarro 4 Hugo Re-Edit) Ananda Project feat. Gaelle Adisson
Still Water feat. Khensy (Original Mix) Rocco, Khensy
Alive (Original Mix) Julo P
Mind Ur Step (André Hommen Remix) Dennis Ferrer, Janelle Kroll
Here to Stay (Zano) Atjazz, Jullian Gomes, Zano


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