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Si Sutton 9-feb-14 Intellidantzia on Pressure

15 February 2014

Hey Everyone,

So with the second of todays shows I lean towards the bumpier side of things & take it up a notch or two. Earlier on today was all about deep n soulful & gettin your Butt Naked , so whilst this show eases you in with a few reto throwbacks, its aimed squarely at gettin your ass sweatin on the floor…Regular listeners to my show will know that I generally work my way across the genres to cover a broad spectrum of whats on offer within the Soulful house world, so this was a great opportunity to let it all go & jus dance… baby! We do go a lil deeper towards the end,but no less pumpy for it & I think it rounds things off nicely with a tracklist that went like this….

Groove Kings – Night Time (orig)
Souldynamic – Shake Your Body (Main)
Paolo Barbato, Mr. Maph – Get Up Everybody (Sami Dee’s 67 East 3rd Street ReMix)
Pier Pressure – Everything I Do (Orig)
N’Dinga Gaba & DJ Spen ft Marc Evans – Until You (SpeN’Dinga XtreMix)
Le Babar, J-Dub – House Feelings (Milty Evans)
Deep Y’all, Dj Rico – Dance Horizon (Pashaa Summertime Funky)
Hallex M, Djeff, Mr. V, Miss Patty – Let’s Get It (Yass)
George Llanes Jr – Feeling Real Good (Orig)
Eddie Matos – Music Takes Me
True2Life, Phillip Ramirez – Take Me Higher (True2Life Main)
Tracy Hamlin, Keith Snipes – Free (A Stone Of Hope) (Spen, Thommy Free Beats)
Chi Town Hustle – I Got Soul (Orig)
M&S, Starvue – U R In My System (Klub Vox)
Michael R Jr. – Old Is Gone (Orig)
Distant People, Matthew Yates – Free (Orig)
Barrio Bros ft Troy Tillard – Hold On To Your Love (Warehouse)
Soul De Marin – Baby Jack
DJ Smash – Fly Away (Orig)
Longstrump, Virag – Fight For The Right (Orig)
Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi – Love Seeker (G-Spice, DJ Dimkal)
Sweet LA, Nicolette Street – Love Is Gone (Rhythmic Groove’s Classic)
Quentin Harris, Robert Owens – Always (Kaje Trackheadz Vox)
DJ Pope, Lynette Smith – Addicted (Spiritual Addiction Vox)

So now its up to you, its time for you the public to have your say & possibly influence future shows – Is it the deep n soulful that makes your head nod & your hips sway, or do you need it faster to keep you on the dancefloor….or would you just rather things stayed as they were & we keep bringing you a lil bit of everything to keep you sweet. Let the Soul Children speak & the downloads decide….until next time, my thanks go out to all that joined me in the chat, the silent listeners & you guys who seek out & download, you are all very much appreciated & the reason I do what I do…
Si Sutton


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