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Si Sutton Gets ButtNaked 9-Feb-14

15 February 2014

Hey Everyone,

So I got the opportunity to offer cover to Iain Willis’s Buttnaked show this Sunday afternoon & this meant I could spend a glorious 2hrs indulging in a lot of the deeper, more soulful music that I usually only get to dip into during my regular show. This also meant that I was able to explore my Bumpy side for my Intellidantzia show later on in the evening, which sets the stage for some interesting competition to see which show achieves the greater downloads. It would be great if I could get some commentary back in support of this, but I know you arent a chatty bunch, so the download count will dictate the tone of next weeks show…Staying with this show though, it was as I said, largely deep n soulful, with a few departures to add energy & comes together in a track list that goes like this….

Linkwood Family – Miles Away
NyteThooe, Darien Crouse – Love, Pain (Sweet Keys)
Andy Soul, Matthew Yates – He Will Make A Way (Orig)
Nini Maluks, Sonja – Come Starlight (Reprise Soulful Vox)
Ferry Ultra, Nicole Russo – Live My Life (Iorie)
60 Hertz Project – Happy Days (BlackJean Dub In Pta Mix)
Chris Perez, Louie Gorbea – Somethings Gotta Give Feat. Queen AaMinah (Orig)
Alankara, Jazzy D – Higher Love (Main Vox)
Dom Navarra, Cairo – Like Rain (Dj Umbi)
Heather Johnson – Under My SKin (DJ Spen AfterBirth Mix)
Namy, Stephanie Cooke – I’m Not Ashamed (I Need You) (DJ Meme)
Vangela Crowe, Ricci Melillo – Perfect Love (Jonny Montana DeepFloor)
Lele X, Magic Soul, Andy Compton – You Were There (Distant People)
Meropa Park – Live A Lil’ (Suges Vox)
Deepconsoul ft. Khanyi – My Wonderful Coffee (Hallex M)
Nastee Nev, Merldy B. – Fly Away
Kenny Thomas, BKT – You Are In My System (Soulfunktion Deep Summer Vox)
Teddy Douglas, Marcell Russell – Only A Fool (T D Classic Soul 12′ Extnd)
Wil Milton, Rodney Carter, Eric Scott – Uncertain (Bliss NYC Vox)
Vittorio Santorelli, King David – Ready To Party (Mangesto)
Dawn Tallman – Who Can I Run To (Bams Main Vox)

So I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did & if I didnt catch you for the later Intellidantzia show, then I will see you all next week, usual time, 8pm-10gmt. My thanks go out to all those that stayed throughout the day in the chat, all the silent listeners worldwide & of course, you guys on the download.

Si Sutton


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