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The Brother C – Risin’ 19 Apr 2014

19 April 2014



Universal Principles – Inspiration And Light
Jaidene Veda – Colors Of Your Love (Jason B Remix)
Shake The Dog feat. Monique Bingham – Do It (QB’s Hot Mix)
Lukas Greenberg feat. Nica Brooke – In Your Arms
Suges & Martino feat. Eminence & Limore – Someone Else (Original Version)
Magic Number – Fly Away
Dom Navarra feat. Monique Henry – When You Fall (Original Mix)
Ceramic feat. Aisling Stephenson – Broken Dreams (Ian Friday ‘Tea Party’ Vocal Mix)
D’Moov feat. Nicole Henry – For The Love Of You (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)
Montana & Stewart feat. Stephanie Cooke – Think I’m Falling (Original Beat Intro Mix)
Clyde feat. Capitol A – Serve It Up!
Incognito – Freedom To Love (Simon Grey Remix)
Butti 49 feat. Emo – Flying
Frej Le Vin feat. Ashibah – The More I See You (Frej’s 6am Sunday Mix)
Featurecast feat. Farina Miss – Ego Tripping (Chicky Boom Remix)
Dave Horne & Leanne March – Mellow Summer (Sole Unity Remix)
Soul Kitchen – Back In The Day (Sole Unity Remix)
Danny J. Lewis – Stratosphere (Original Mix)
Soul Central – Song For Sharma (Soul Renegades Remix)

…and here’s the download link:


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