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c2eMusic 01-May-14 – Soft Landings

5 May 2014

This months show gets up to speed fairly quickly but has a nice long gentle come down.
It’s a mix of deep sounds to start with followed by a couple of very lush vocal productions before some gentle UK sounds.
We then build with a combination of new tracks and older ones from earlier this year that have yet to feature in a podcast.
The tail on this thing is long and pretty chilled to give you chance to return to normality.
Stand out tracks for me on this podcast include Ürban Renewal”, “Kattflickan”, “Monkey Wrench”and Love Games” but I’m sure you’ll have your own.

Shouts to Jules who joins us here on Pressure Radio at 6pm UK time on Thursdays.  Jules has been a regular in the chatroom almost since the start.  Great to see her part of the Pressure family.
Also a big shout to Kevin Anthony who used to follow my show every week.  He was in the chatroom this week going through his music collection by seeing if he had what I was playing.  He had 95% but I’m glad to have found the odd track he didn’t have 😛 .

May is birthday month in the Haynes house.  First up is my not so little boy Bailey, the original star on the c2e logo.  He turns 7 on 17th May.  Yes this podcast has been going that long!
Then it’s my birthday at the end of May.  I’ll be adding another candle to my 30 something cake!  That will mean I’ve been mixing music for 20 years.  I reckon I’m passed the half way mark, but far from done.

To all those heading to SPW – have a great time, and a cheeky boogie for me please 🙂

1: Dimi Stuff – By Your Side
2: Snazzy Trax – Tell You Something
3: Meterius Johnson – Love Town ft Memphis(Ekkhohaus Mix)
4: Nachtbraker – Bluebottle
5: Le Fleur – Kattflickan
6: Black Sonix, Selina Campbell – Thank You (Black Sonix, Sean McCabe Alternative Vocal)
7: Colette – Physically (Pablo Martinez Remix)
8: Oozlem – Lollipop (Maddslinky Remix)
9: Simeon Belle – Strength
10: James Johnson – Run 2 Me
11: Eman, Doc Link – Urban Renewal (Doc Link Remix)
12: Detroit Swindle – Monkey Wrench
13: Princeton Rejects – Love Games
14: Dan Caster, Benjamin Franklin – Bleeding (Kyodai Remix)
15: Shur-I-Kan – Won’t Love, Can’t Love
16: Rekord 61 – Nedra (Glimpse Remix)
17: Celcius – Incoming
18: Akio Imai – Run With The Night (Leg Jazz Remix)
19: Nic James – Presque Vu
20: Ross Couch – Deep Waters
21: Steven Stone & Wendy Lewis – New Lady (N’Dinga Gaba Instrumental Mix)
22: Moodymanc – So High
23: Shur-I-Kan – Away



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