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c2eMusic Dirty Phunk 2

6 June 2014

When the original Dirty Phunk show was put together over two years ago now I remember thinking how many tracks didn’t make it in, and a follow up would be just around the corner. How time flies.
The crazy thing is Dirty Phunk 2 started off on the way home on the bus just 4 hours before the show as a panic to not having anything ready.
I started looking through folders for tracks of a disco/funk house style. It didn’t take long to find a good solid 30 candidates, but the flow had to be improvised on the fly during the show.
The show itself was a whole lot of fun. It had been SPW the weekend before , not just any old SPW – but the BIG 50 and there seemed to be a whole load of sore footed dancers out there listening. There was a nice buzz in the chatroom too.
It’s always fun trying to do a themed show and the disco sound is always a popular choice – it just puts a smile on your face.

Big thanks to everyone that tuned in during the show, and for the interactions on FB and in chat, made it a fun night/afternoon/morning depending on where you were.
There are some real firecrackers in this mix. The most dominant producer as you would expect is Dave Lee. Only fair really as he is the undisputed king of this style of house.
Hopefully it won’t take another two years until the next disco infused house mix, but who knows, the years are flying by at the moment.
So go dust off those platforms, get your glitter ball hung up in the lounge and get Phunky

1: Bucketheads – Come And Be Gone
2: Mike Delgado – Touching My Mind
3: Vernon РAfternoon Tribute
4: Max Graef – No 5
5: MCDE – Raw Cuts 5
6: The Playerz – Makin Me High
7: Ed Nine – Bag Of Funk
8: Joey Negro – Take It To The Top (Joey Negro Extended Mix)
9: Avery Sunshine – Ugly Part Of Me (Terry Hunter Bang Mix)
10: Cajmere, Gene Farris – O’Darlin
11: Leon & Pirupa – Bassline
12: David Harness – Soaring Over Brazil
13: House Heads – Bits & Pieces
14: Tigerskin – Yellow Tops
15: The Sunburst Band, Angela Johnson – Only Time Will Tell (Joey Negro Jazz Dance Dub)
16: Cajmere, Gene Farris – Candy Store
17: Disco Dice – Party People (Soul power Remix)
18: Bros Love Dubs – Mings Incredible Disco Machine
19: Brand New Heavies – Get Back To Love (GP Remix)
20: Andre Crom – In The City
21: Sunburst Band – Twinkle (Idjut Boys Mix)



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