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c2eMusic mix 6-July-2014

8 July 2014

New mix for July, and for a change it’s actually released towards the start of the month it represents!  As for the image this month, some of you may know I am a huge trifle fan which like this months mix is full of ingredients that taste great on their own, but when mixed together – mmm mmm – delicious.  Main difference is that this mix can be consumed as often as you like with no fear of adding pounds to your rear 🙂

I was going to describe this as a pretty chilled mix as the opening 30 minutes is deep “n” chilled whilst the last 30 minutes are soulful “n” smooth.  However in between we have a mix of uptempo discofried goodies alongside some great thigh slapping Baltimore infused house.  Yep there’s that trifle metaphor again.

There are a few nuggets in here that put a spring in your step and a smile on your face.  First up is “Pom” a track from late last year, that I only got my hands on last month.  I love that style of house, whatever it’s sub-sub genre is called.  It comes under “Deep House” but that means anything and everything these days.

Another cracker is actually a Jackin House track, which I rarely venture into, but “Baker’s Dozen” is so damn catchy.  I don’t want to like it as much as I do, as the lyrics were annoying at first, but now I sing along at the top of my voice!

“Shuga” a track towards the end has a drop that reminds me of an old Michael Jackson track.  I can’t put my finger on which one, and I know it’s not a sample of that track, but man it is bugging me like mad.  If you guys can hear it too, please put me out of my misery.  A comment on the podcast, or FB group with your thoughts.

Lastly we have a couple of tracks that are top drawer in their own right but when fused together reminds me of an old Louie Vega style mix from way back.  Their discovery was accidental during the live show on Pressure.  I didn’t fade “Final Call” out waiting to see what happened and I’m glad I didn’t.  Really happy with the result.

If you can be sure to check out the live show on Pressure Radio on July 24th –   9pm – 11pm Sydney, 12pm to 2pm UK, 7am to 9am EST.  I’ll be joined by my favourite Sydney DJ and good friend Nick Vidal.  He is Mr Consistency with a great deep soulful driving rolling sound and I’m looking forward to feeding from that vibe.


1: thatmanmonkz – Blowin’ My Mind
2: Simba – Phase SeqOne
3: Gene King, Tantra Zawadi, Dana Byrd – Out Of The Blue (Joe Rizla Black Keys instrumental)
4: Ruff Stuff -NJH
5: Roberto Rodriguez – Pom
6: Remi, Carmichael MusicLover – Everything Is Good (That’s Why I Love You) (Dub Mix)
7: Hardsoul, Simon Grey, Mitch Crown – All There Is (John Lundon Remix)
8: Lay-Far – New Day, New Light
9: Keith Thompson, Davidson Ospina, Oscar P – At Midnight
10: Soulfuledge, Johanna Jordan – Forgive Me
11: Bobby Blanco, Miki Moto – 3am (Supernova 10 Years later mix)
12: Doug Willis, Joey Negro – My Brother Bruce
13: Cupcakes – Baker’s Dozen
14: Muzikman Edition – Neptune’s Offspring
15: ATFC – The Blues (DJ Spens American Poetic Remix)
16: Michele Chiavarini – Let me See You (Clap Your Hands)
17: krankbrother – Thank You Baby
18: Dare Me – Eyes On You
19: Davidson Ospina – Strings (2010 Remix)
20: Combo – Shuga
21: Kenny Dope, Raheem Vaughan, Rhymefest – Final Call (Kenny Dope House Remix)
22: Louis Benedetti, Selan – Gateway
23: The Planty Herbs – Moody



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