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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 27-Jul-14

29 July 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this week I was riding high on having been issued a warning from Podcast that my download limit had been exceeded – thank you one & all that contributed to this excess! What this then left me with was a concern that I couldnt better last weeks show, maybe there was no new music to bring you, what if I couldn’t capture the vybe I needed to present what music I could find to you in a way I wanted…..what I hadnt considered here though, was the possibility of what if this week is even better than last week?! Well, unlike the roads to Essex & Marbs, with Intellidantzia there is always another way & in this case, I think it turned out to be just as good, only in a different way – This time its more pumpy, there’s bigger vocals & if it was at all possible, there’s even more soul squeezed into a tracklist that goes like this……

Direct Download / Listen Again link here


Track List

Accap – Barbara Tucker – Beautiful People
Tonbe – Feel Alright
FCL – Its You (Mousse T’s Teef Vox)
Bobby Blanco & Miki Moto – 3am (Supernova 10 Years Later)
Beat Rivals ft Natasha Watts – Fabulous (Soulshy)
Todd Terry ft Lisa Pure – Find a Way (Matthias Heilbronn Bozak’71)
DJ CEEZ & Munkjulius ft StephStaa – Pray (Munkjulius & Chris Nigel Afro)
Melokolektiv ft ADN – Baltimore (Orig)
Chaka Kenn & Rob Beta – Space Cake
David Harness – Make Me Feel
Two 4 Soul ft Chelsea Como – I Want You (Two 4 Soul Trumpet)
Melissa B – Be Free (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Flying Colors)
Dj Able – The Right Way (Vox)
Heston – Resign 2 U (Reel People Vox)
Gino Love – Distant Times
Paul Hutchinson – Maestros Of House (Orig)
Pharrell Williams ft Jay Z – Frontin (Disclosure Re-Work)
Soulfuledge – Loving Me
Accap – South Street Players – (Who) Keeps Changing your Mind
Guido P & Soulbridge ft Grean Tea – Touch Me (Tracebeatz & Bob)
Silent Monkz & Dj Biggy B – Epic Mind (Orig)
Chymamusique ft Botshelo – Hands Of Time
Artful & Ridney ft Terri Walker – Missing You (Eric Kupper’s ‘Director’s Cut Tribute To FK)

So thats it for another week & as always my thanks go out to everyone that joined me in the Pressure Dome, to all the silent listeners & you guys the Podcasters – the download limit has been reset, I challenge you to exceed it again! 🙂
Si Sutton


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