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The Brother C – Risin’ 26 Jul 2014

26 July 2014



Ananda Project feat. Gaelle Adisson – Cascades of Colour (Wamdue Black Mix)
Copyright – Wizeman (Original)
Basia – New Day For You (ReelSoul Rework)
D-Reflection feat. Christa – Wave Of Love (Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor Remix)
DJ Aguy pres. Black Silk – Floating (Black Silk Dub Guitar 2012 Remix)
Bennson – Let The Love Come Out (Soul Tornado Remix)
Dennis Ferrer – So Beautiful (Ghetto Discotek Building)
Dave Horne & Leanne March – Mellow Summer (Sole Unity Remix)
Orekid – Yesterday’s Gone (Sole Unity Remix)
Deep City Soul feat. Jacqui George – We All Fall Down (Guy Robin Vocal Mix)
Critical Point feat. Vikter Duplaix – Messages (Main Mix)
Daco – The Way It Goes
Incognito – Freedom To Love (Simon Grey Remix)
Kay Suzuki – Going Down
DJ Fudge – Grysor
Yass feat. LT Brown – No Lies (Main Mix)
Frankie Knuckles & The Shapeshifters – The Ones You Love (Original Mix)
Roy Ayers & Bah Samba – Positive Vibe (Sean McCabe Classic Vocal Mix)

…and here’s the download link:


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