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c2eMusic August 2014

28 August 2014

You can’t keep a good mix down, despite my internet providers best efforts. Everything was ready to go, the weekly Pressure Radio show was underway and listeners were joining to hear the new mix for August. Optus my provider then decided it would be fun to mash up my connection over the next two hours at least. I couldn’t even log on to FB to let people know why I couldn’t play. Suffice to say I am now looking for a more reliable provider. So the mix was put on ice. The next opportunity to play on the radio and record the result was Saturday afternoon my time. I checked and the airwaves were free. John Mateo was in the chatroom but it was very late in NYC. Midway through JM needed to hit the sack, it was 4am over there to be fair, so I played a little game to see how many more tracks I could make him stay up to listen to! He is one of the biggest house heads I know.
By the time the show ended most of Europe had woken up, so a few listeners form the UK and Denmark jumped into the chatroom which was cool.
It has then taken a few more days to get it published. You see I have a week off in between jobs and whilst I wanted to get this out as quickly as possible, a kid free 48 hour break with my beautiful wife in Melbourne was never a fair contest.
So here we are, finally a bit of downtime to allow me to get this little badger out.
There are probably four distinct styles in this mix, the usual deep and sultry openers including the excellent “Swear Down””, into the cheeky chappy UK style featuring Grant Nelson, Opolopo and Danny J Lewis to name a few. A couple of prime slices of meat towards the end with “So Yeah”and “Going Down” and then the most delicious of deserts courtesy of The Sunchasers and Recloose. I have a sweet tooth which means the last track on this mix is my favourite. Huge respect to Recloose for making a track so spine tingling. I can’t stop playing it, and whenever I do I have to stop whatever I’m doing to take it in.
Other big artists on here include Alex Agore, a very busy producer who is in great form right now. The Sunchasers are also new to me, but I’m sure glad to have finally found them. Scott Watson infuses a very sexy smooth deep sound to which we’ll be hearing a lot more of.

Remember the artist names in the tracklist below are links to purchase anything that catches your ear.  Support the artists that make our scene.  Without them our heaphones won’t sound half as tasty 🙂

Keep your eyes and ears out for the upcoming Groove Assassin special. Still putting it together but there are so many great tracks. Really looking forward to this. It will be the fifth addition to the “Legends” series, which already includes MAW, Joey Negro and Mr V.

Oh finally, don’t be surprised to find yourself walking around shouting “Mizz Honey”- you’ll see what I mean.

1: thatmanmonkz – Be With Me (feat D’Nae)
2: Deeptrak, Emma Black – Swear Down
3: Cleavage, Lars Vegas – Grace
4: Klevakeys – Journey To The Sun (Klevakeys Deep Mix)
5: Luna City Express – The Bartender
6: Opolopo – Be Enough (Instrumental)
7: Nicholas, Stee Downes – Things Of The Past
8: Opolopo – Feel It
9: Pete Dafeet – Rush
10: Outbox – Planet Love
11: Kerri Chandler – Think Of Something
12: Mode Nine, Damon Trueitt – Hurt My Soul (Grant Nelson Remix)
13: Audioguys – All Your Love (City Soul Project Classic Mix)
14: Alex Agore – No Name 3
15: Danny J Lewis – Spend The Night (Samson Lewis Extended Mix)
16: The Sunchasers, Bryzey – Heartbreakin’
17: Marsupials – Blinky Bill
18: The Checkup – The Race
19: Alex Agore – Mizz Honey
20: Fei-Fei – So Yeah
21: Sidney Charles – Going Down
22: The Sunchasers, Bryzey – Confused Emotions
23: Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts (Recloose Remix)



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