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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 10-Aug-14

14 August 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this week I got another chance to spin for a double shift, which means you get another 4hrs of quality house music that kicks off quickly, takes you on through disco, jazz & latin inspired groovers & keeps the energy high with with some UK flavour to wrap up the 1st two hrs. Perhaps predictably, but no less enjoyable for being so, we head into the 2nd half a little deeper & focus on the soul with some big vocals before rounding off by taking things deeper & even more soulful with a track list that goes like this……….

1) 9Lives – If This World Were Mine (Orig)
2) J&M Brothers – Cape Town (Orig)
3) Pete Le Freq ft Mena – Out Here (Orig)
4) The SyntheTigers – So Good (Mike Delgado)
5) Gene Farris – The Way To Go (Orig)
6) The Guidance – I’ve Got The Feeling (Class A Fiesta)
7) Bobby D’Ambrosio – Thinkin (Orig)
8) MJBR – True House Music
9) Key De Es – Essential Groove (Orig)
10) Aphrodisiac – Sandunguera (Orig)
11) Ann Nesby – Shelter (2014)
12) DJ Mes – No Love Lost (Main)
13) Mode Nine & Damon Trueitt – Hurt My Soul (Andi Rivera)
14) Random Soul vs Julie McKnight – Mysterious Home (Gav’s Mash-Up)
15) Z Factor – Get In 2 The Music (Joey Negro Chicago Tribute)
16) Steven Stone ft Nicole Mitchell – Temptation (Scott Diaz Faithful dub)
17) Steve Silk Hurley ft Greg Gibbs – The Glow Of Love (Unique2Rhythm
18) Beat Rivals ft Natasha Watts – Fabulous (Live Groove)
19) Ultramarine – Eye Contact (Kai ‘KZR’ Alice’s dub)
20) Diephuis & Eastar ft Natasha Watts – Light Up The Sky (Vibe & Espinosa)
21) Common, JV, Kanye West & Malik – Wouldn’t You Like To Ride (Ricky Bradshaw)
22) Jennifer Hudson & R. Kelly – It’s Your World (Terry Hunter Club)
23) White Soul Project – Ever Love (Richard Earnshaw Classic)
24) FrenzyDreamz ft Charles Cooper – What’chu Gonna Do (Entity Peaktime vox)
25) The Sunchasers ft Bryzey – Confused Emotions (Orig)
26) Lynne Summers – It’s Only Physical (Loowee R)
27) Random Soul ft Inaya Day – Sweet Obsession (GIOM)
28) Joey Kay – Don’t Make Me Wait (Chicago Deep)
29) Benedetto Farina Ft Lt Brown – Im So Grateful (Ray Jones vox)
30) DJ Fudge ft Eman – Kings Of Brooklyn Pt 2 (Quietboys loft)
31) Black Coffee – Stimela (Black Coffee)
32) Cool Peepl ft Billy Love & Amp Fiddler – Free (Orig vox))
33) Mustafa & Sunlightsquare ft Tasita D’mour – Never Stop Loving You (Orig)
34) Vicky Martin – He Loves Me (Soulful)
35) Bah Samba – O Prazer da Vida (The Sunchasers)
36) Andys & Nteeze ft Anthony Poteat – Gotta Get (Chymamusique)
37) GodSon – Hidden Feelings (Orig)
38) Copyright ft Martha – Cross My Heart (Cuebur)
39) Crossroads – Sunday Afternoon (Crossroads Soulful)
40) Cathy Battistessa – Une Nouvelle Humanite (The Rurals)
41) Trackheadz – This Is How We Chill (Main)
42) Dave Ross – Millenium Girl (Orig)

So that’s it for this week – next week may well turn out to be a collaboration, but you’ll just have to wait n see… & in the meantime, my thanks as always go out to all those that joined me, either in the Pressure Lounge or in the background & to all you guys who will download this set.
Si Sutton


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