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c2eMusic Legends – Groove Assassin

24 September 2014

It takes a lot to make it into the c2eMusic Legends hall of fame.  I’ve listened to house music for well over half my life now and would be lost without it.  During that time I’ve lost count of the number of artists I’ve bought and supported.  Anyone can easily reel off dozens of famous producers in the scene.  However I am always in favour of diversity during a set and this is what makes it tricky.

Sure it’s easy to put together a diverse sounding set every month, sometimes every week if you can draw from every available track out there, allowing you to start off in one place and then embark on a journey.

However if you restrict yourself to just one artist it narrows the field down considerably.  There are a huge number of artists out there that have produced a truckful of quality classics over the years, but you would struggle to listen to them back to back for TWO hours!

That for me is what puts Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin into this top class of producers.  As it stands he sits shoulder to shoulder with the MAW, Joey Negro and Mr V all of whom have served up more than enough diverse quality to create a session dedicated to their sound.

The fact Nick hails from the city of Steel – Sheffield makes it even more of a treat.  I spent my university years there in the mid 90’s at the same time Nick was starting out in the scene.  As a result we were both exposed to the same sounds and experiences in the many great nights Sheffield and the surrounding cities had at the time.  Maybe this is what draws me to his sound so much.  I wish I could say I remember hearing him play back in the day, I’m sure I must have as we partied in the same places, but it’s a while back and the old grey matter has a few holes in it!

However I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon with him on Sydney harbour a few years back to help celebrate Sean Doyle’s birthday.  He even dropped ‘Deep Inside’ into Elements of Life’s ‘Into My Life’.  Lost on most people, but it’s the same mix I did in the MAW Vol1 Legends mix.  Suffice to say I got HUGE goosebumps.  Hearing that in the sun on a boat in the harbour from a legend, hard to top.

Nick was also a resident DJ on Pressure Radio appearing alongside the likes of DJ Erv, John Mateo and the crew.

He is no stranger to c2eMusic either – just looking at the podcast he’s mentioned no fewer than 70 times over the years!  Yes that’s right 70!
As for the tunes themselves, well where do you start?! From the sultry sound of ‘Soul Tie’ through the jazzy flow of ‘Afternoon Delight’ to the depths of ‘Closer’ the quality is off the hook.
Then we wade in with the heavy weights, ‘We Shall Overcome’, ‘Soul Mutha’ and ‘Heaven’. The fact the three are mixed together is going to have me playing this over and over and over.
I’ve said it many times before ‘Heaven’has pretty much got to be my all time favourite tack of all time. Yes – that is a HUGE statement to make, but when preparing the mix I actually had tears rolling down my cheeks when listening to main section of the track. A full seven years on and it still brings out emotions no other track over the years has.
It doesn’t stop there though, we put our foot down and bring out the chunky muthas including ‘Perfect Love’and ‘Smile’.
We slow things down on the exit with more examples of his stunning vocal productions with ‘Closer’and ‘Feeling You’ both with the unmistakable voice of Kenny Bobien.
The last track like so many is another Dub. Nick for me is the king of Dubs and I love me a good Dub.

I’m not talented enough to make house music, as much as I would love to. That doesn’t bother me though when you have producers like Nick. He captures everything I want to hear in deep soulful house and so consistantly.

As is always the case when doing a mix like this people will say – what about this track or that track. Well Nick is showing no signs of slowing down, and neither am I. So that means we have a Vol2 to look forward to. 🙂

From all the listeners of c2eMusic around the world – we thank you Nick for all the great music you have graced us with so far. Long may it continue!

All tracks in this mix are available from Traxsource – just click on the artist name for the link.  Show your appreciation and support one of our finest.


1:  Groove Assassin – Kakawin
2: Groove Assassin ft Pete Simpson – More Than Enough
3: Quentin Harris ft Jason Walker – Can’t Stop (Groove Assassin Remix)
4: Kings Of Groove ft Andrea Love – Soul Tie (Groove Assassin Remix)
5: Groove Assassin – Afternoon Delight (GA Minesweeper Mix)
6: CDock – The Beach (Groove Assassin Remix)
7: Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi – Love Seeker (Ga Instrumental Mix)
8: Lisa Millett – Closer (Groove Assassin Instrumental)
9: Lips – Time Is Now (Groove Assassin Dub)
10: Clown Dallas, Miranda Nicole – Love Encore (Groove Assassin Alternative Remix)
11: Groove Assassin – In and Out Of My Life
12: Groove Assassin – We Shall Overcome
13: Eddy G – Soul Mutha (Groove Assassin Remix)
14: Kem – Heaven (Marlon D & GA Club Mix)
15: Mind Street, Kandi Jones – More & More (Groove Assassin Deep Down Dub)
16: Deep City Soul, Groove Assassin – I Need You (Groove Assassin Slam Dub)
17: Capital T ft Taymah – Perfect Love (Groove Assassin Masterclass Mix)
18: Wyen Solo – Smile (Groove Assassin Dub Remix)
19: Natalie Williams, Reilly – No Strings (Groove Assassin Slam Dub Mix)
20: Sean McCabe, Groove Assassin – Love Fantasy
21: Groove Assassin, Kenny Bobien – Closer (Groove Assassin Original Mix)
22: Danism, Kenny Bobien – Feeling You (Groove Assassin Remix)
23: Groove Assassin, Tantra Zawadi & Dana Byrd – African Sunrise (Dub Mix)


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