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Si Sutton & DJ Wally 4hr Jam 28-sep-2014

2 October 2014

Hey Everyone,

So after a week off recovering from yet another fantastic Vocal Booth, DJ Wally (one half of Soulfunktion) & I did it all again this weekend & put ourselves straight back to square one. This didnt mean we were going to miss another show though, so after a wonderful lunch by Mrs Wally & taking advantage of a free slot, Wally & I jammed together for 4hrs & this is the result. There was no preparation, we just went with the flow & played what we had with us. Unfortunately the mike wasnt routed through the record channel, but on reflection, maybe thats a good thing as Im sure the guys in the chat will attest too, though this also means the track information I gave out also wasnt recorded & I couldnt begin to say what we played or what order it was in…So, if you need any track details, message us with the time info, or just enjoy it for what it is…

Our thanks to everyone that joined us in the chat, as well as Sean & Dawn live & everyone that made the whole night that much more fun. I will be back next week for my regular slot & the return of the tracklist smiley

Si & Wally


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