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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 5-oct-14

6 October 2014

Hey Everyone,

So despite being struck down with stomach flu, I really enjoyed playing this set & to be honest, it was probably this sets energy that saw me through – some great uplifting pieces with rolling basslines carried us along nicely the 1st hour & then as is my preference, a bit deeper & even more soulful for the second, with a tracklist that goes like this…

Dj Fopp – In Love (Paolo Visnadi)
PHILTER KING – My Love (Orig)
Antonello Ferrari ft Dawn Tallman – Read Between The Lines (A F Classic Vox)
The Playerz – Easy 2 Jam (Orig)
Michele McCain – I Betcha Don’t Know (David Ferrero Classic)
Tabula Rasa – Need To Know You’re Mine (Orig)
Unreleased Project – To Be In Love (Tiefschwarz Acoustic Mixdown)
Joi Cardwell & DJ Vivona – Return to Love (Director’s Cut)
Sheba Jordan – Music Is My Way Of Life (Masaki Morii Vox)
Faith Howard – I Have The Faith (Pablo Angel Dub)
Fede Lng – Haus Music (Orig)
Lewis Ferrier ft Mavis Acquah – Love Is On Its Way (Gilbert Le Funk)
Deep Boyz ft Byron Stingily – Father (Frankie Feliciano Classic NYC)
Gianluca Pighi, Massimo Paramour ft Ahmad Larnes – Come With Me (Rhemi Dub)
Alek Soltirov – The Instructions (Orig)
Josh Emann ft Nina Provencal – Love On The Line (Orig)
Richard Brooks, Tamika Boyce & Ali Black – Painless Ways (Richard Brooks Vox)
Ruben Pires ft Diana Lynn – New Girl (Spiritual Blessings Soul Diva)
The Realm ft Damon C. Scott – Love U Now (The Realm Vox)
Beat Rivals ft Tony Lindsay – Reach Out (Louie PZonli)
Websonic ft Tsholo – Do You Remember (Orig)
DJ Terance ft Victory – Going Far (Orig)

As always my thanks go out to everyone in the Pressure Lounge – you know Summer is over when there’s only standing room in there. To the silent listeners, the VB Fam & Podcast crew – Thank you all smiley
Si Sutton


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