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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 2-Nov-14

8 November 2014

Hey Everybody,

So this weekend saw out Halloween & welcomed in Guy Fawkes night all in the one hit, so with a couple of big birthdays to boot, this was a big weekend! The only resemblance to a temple my body can currently muster would make a Mayan ruin appear as if newly constructed. Luckily here at Intellidantzia Towers, we are unhindered by mere mortal constraints, we kept the party going like the true House Soldiers we are! 🙂
So, we kick things off tugging at the memory strings & warming you through with soulfulness until we take the beats to the African sub continent. Dipping in & out of tribal, vocal, hypnotic dubs & keeping the rhythms running to close out soulfully with a playlist that goes like this:

Stephane Deschezeaux – Bang Bang Boogie
The Funklovers ft Marc Evans – Love on the Dancefloor (Disco Sax)
Eric Faria ft Marta Martins – Turn On (Orig)
M.Keys – Crazy Monkey (Orig)
Accap – Andy Ward pres Rainy Payne – Unspoken (House is Accapella)
Phil Hooton ft Koffee – Zanzibar (Dub)
Irfan Rainy & Baba Israel – Freedom Music (Black Motion Aquarian)
Accap – Tribe Called Quest & Fugees – (Unkown Accap)
Zinhle ft Busiswa Gqulu – My Name Is (Renato Xtrova)
Reebah – Amadlozi (Deep Night Project Re-Work)
Vivi Ravish ft Phlyvocals – You’re My Desire (DJ Smooth & Feel G)
Sthabisoul – My Story (Main)
Kaylow – Don’t Say We’re Thru (Nastee Nev)
Pablo Fierro – Alandalus (Edmund Jazzy Vibe)
Soulfunktion ft FAMA – Tease Me (Blackwax)
Bongani Bongzin Mbatha – Sax Man Made (Orig)
Soneec & DeVonde ft Inaya Day – LIfe (URH)
DJ Spen ft Ann Nesby – I Feel (Rhemi Shake)
LadyMarySound – Live Your Life (DJ Ritchie Broken Edit)
Djeff & Silyvi ft Mamukueno – Tambuleno (Orig)
Phase Deep – Jazz In My Mind (Main)
Ralf GUM ft Hugh Masekela – With Her Hand
DJ Vitolo ft Petmuso & Jay Sax – Everything Will Be Right (Orig)

So that’s it for another week, I do hope you continue to enjoy the variety from one set to another, though please feel free to leave a comment below if you have any thoughts on this.
I shall be back before you know it & in the meantime I would like to thank everyone that joined me in the Pressure Lounge, my apologies for the technical gremlins….To all the silent listeners & you guys the podcasters – Thank you all!

Si Sutton 🙂


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