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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 28-Dec-14

29 December 2014

Hey Everyone,

So hopefully you’ve all had a wonderful Xmas, with Santa bringing you everything you so richly deserve……..or at least you got to spend some quality time with loved ones?!

Now with New Years Eve just around the corner, Intellidantzia brings you their closing party for the year. So whilst lots of other Dj’s will be bringing you a retrospective of great tracks from 2014, we decided to stand apart from the masses to bring you something a little out of our comfort zone. We up the bpm to around 124 & kick things off with some jackin bizniz, chock full of funky basslines & retro samples. Heading a little deeper, but no less energetic, we close out the 1st hour with experimentation in beats. The 2nd hour leads us back on to more familiar territory, deep, soulful & sure to make your heart sing with a track list that went like this…..

Sven Van Hees – Feel The Groove (Flapjackers)
Accap – Angie Brown – Keep Me Satisfied (keep me tool)
Peter Ellis – Make It Heaven (Ruben Naess)
Doc Link – You (Orig)
Arturo Garces – Got A Problem (J Lettows More Vibes)
Alex Agore – What Did I Do (Lowtone)
Phillip Ramirez – Keep The faith (Crash orig)
Topa – Happy Days (Orig)
Retrogroove ft Robert Owens – Save My Soul (Orig)
Tamara Debor – Take Me Away (Groove Assassin)
Myles Bigelow – One Day Ill tell you (Orig)
Nutown Soul – Solid Ground (Monocles & Slezz Deep Serenity)
Giulio Bonaccio & David Walker ft Melonie Daniels – Love (Orig)
Soledrifter ft Ryan Holliday – Turn Away (Orig)
Joy Salinas – Starlight (Syncopate Soul)
Monocles & Slezz ft Vusani – Still (Orig)
Wil Milton ft Rodney Carter – Should’ve Known Better (Wil & Rodney Final)
Veja Vee Khali – You Break My Heat (Main)
Accap – Michael Watford – For Your Luv (luvapella dj tool)
Accap – Angie Brown – Keep Me Satisfied (keep me tool)
Stones & Bones ft LT Adams – This Moment (Kojo Akusa)
Oded Nir ft Chappell – Again & Again (Steven Stone)
Sina The Producer – Crazy Nights (Vox)
Trinidad Senolia – Hair & Makeup (Sam Sparro)

So there you have it, the last Intellidantzia show for 2014, which I hope you guys enjoy as much as I am right now?! So let me take this opportunity to thank each & everyone who joined me in the Pressure Lounge week in, week out. To all the silent listeners for whom I provide a soundtrack to their Sunday night chores and to you guys, the podcast crew that regularly exceed my download limits by taking Intellidantzia around the globe. To all my Pressure & Vocal Booth families, here’s to even more love in 2015, its gonna be big!!!

Si Sutton


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