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Sundays From Harlem (Joy Sessions Cover) 22-Feb-2015

24 February 2015

I was lucky enough to cover The Joy Sessions on this Sunday morning and it just happens to be the same time slot where SUNDAYS FROM HARLEM got it’s start on PressureRadio. The vibe was just like old times with a lot of activity in the chat rooms, and many others listening out side the chats. I kept the vibe soft and easy. The deep house I played was light and easy on the ears. The vocal stuff didn’t get to over the top and of course, all of the instrumentals remind us about how incredibly talented the musicians of this genre can be. Artists like Joe Claussell, Doruk Ozlen, Glen Underground, Jaidene Veda, and Paris Cesvette to name a few of the incredible talents in this set.

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01) Crystalised (Director’s Cut Unmarked Dub)-Martina Topley Bird, Mark Lanegan, Warpaint, Art Department
02) A Spy In The House Of Love (Original)-Evren Ulusoy
03) You Are Love (Jose Carretas Son Liva Mix)-Glenn Underground, Swaylo
04) Four Million Miles (Rancido’s Soul Odyssey Remix)-Sunshine Jones
05) Sunce-Mike Steva
06) Seven Times-MKL Vs Soy Sos featuring Heather Kroph
07) You Don’t Know What Love Is-Joe Claussell
08) Voices-KC Flight
09) Soul Size Love (Josh Milan Original Mix)-Jaidene Veda
10) My Miracle Baby-Evren Furtuna
11) Still Water feat. Khensy (Original Mix)-Rocco, Khensy
12) Lifted (White Owl Remix)-Trevor Ricci
13) No More Believe– Franck Roger & M. Selem
14) Ayahuasca (Organic Mix)-Fabio Genito
15) Geminade-John Arnold
16) Your Special (Doruk Ozlen Main Vocal)-Soul Creation feat. Stephanie Cooke
17) Stronger (Paris Cesvette Remix)-Brandon Williams, Jean Baylor
18) New Me (Frankie Feliciano Vocal Mix)-Jonny Montana & Dawn Williams




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