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Si Sutton 28-june-15 Intellidantzia Deep & Bumpy

29 June 2015

Hey Everyone,

So Ive been away for a couple of weeks, the music has been stacking up & so this evening I took the opportunity to play through some bits n pieces that make me feel good all over! We kick things off around 118bpm & take it up gently from there with tracks to take you back & get the energy flowing. We take things deeper towards the end of the 1st hour & continue on in that vein but keeping the soul infusion throughout with a tracklist that goes like this…..

Si Sutton 28-june-15 Intellidantzia Deep & Bumpy

Newman – Here With Me (Dave Gerrard)
Renato Falaschi ft Brian Lucas – The Bottle (Orig)
Tinie Tempa – Not Lettin Go (Dazwell refix)
Adri Block – Watcha Gonne Do (Orig)
Chaka Kenn & Lenny RX – Oh I Believe (Less Vox)
Chaka Kenn & Lenny RX – Oh I Believe (Love Break)
Smokin Beats – Look Who’s Lovin’ Me (Club)
The Housetakerz – Makin Love (Frank Drebin)
The Housetakerz – Makin Love (Orig vs Si Suttton)
Deep & Soul Project ft Danny – This Light(MoWz & Mikula)
Soulstars – Streets of Soul (MRJ)
Husky – As I Go Along (Joe Pompeo)
DJ Bee ft Charles McDougald – Bounce (Othersoul)
Ziggy Funk ft Mark Evans – Reset
Rhemi ft Hanlei – Diamond (Orig)
Brian ‘Keys’ Tharme – B’s Groove (Orig)
Mr. Vasovski & Kincses ft Angie Brown – Never Give Up (URH Moving Dub)
Bodhi – Haute
Steal Vybe ft Monday Michiru – Changes In Life (Changes In Life)
The Partimers ft Dominox Latte – The Daylight (Castro SA’s Vox)
Loftsoul ft Lisa Millett – Dear Friend (Loftsoul 2013)
Scara ft Phlyvocals – Girl In A Red Dress (Stagz Jazz)
Earl Zinger & Ashley Beedle – Ghostdancers (Bones)

Its great to be back & I thoroughly enjoyed bringing this set to you, so thank you to everyone that joined me in the Pressure Lounge, to all the silent listeners – we know you are there & to you guys downloading the podcast, your support as always is appreciated!
Si Sutton

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