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Si Sutton 23-Aug-15 Intellidantzia Deep Soulfro

24 August 2015

Hey Everyone,

So let me kick off with a small admission – As this was my birthday weekend I had considered doing something extra special….Now I could tell you that I changed my mind, decided not to reflect on the past & to look to the future! None of that would be true tho, as the fact of the matter is, I was just too busy out enjoying myself & didnt have the time to put together a 2hr set to fully take into account 35yrs of playing & sharing music.
That being said, it all worked out rather well I feel, as what you have here is as finer collection of new music, entwined with a smattering of times past to bring you two hours of wonderful music that makes your heart beat in time with your feet, in the home or on the street…..with a track list that goes like this:

Si Sutton 23-Aug-15 Intellidantzia Deep Soulfro

Class Action – Weekend (WAyne S Funky edit)
Adri Block ft Chris Marina – You Can’t Change (Orig)
Ferry Ultra ft Gwen Mccrae – Let Me Do My Thang (Opolopo)
Soulstar Syndicate ft SuSu Bobien – For All U Do (Orig)
Astro Trax – The Energy (Feel The Vibe)
Lotche – Trust Me (Soulfuledge’s Diggin Deep)
Mr V – Jus Dance (Dario D Attis)
Gianluca Pighi ft Robert Owen – Black Man (Deep Soul)
Alex Millet ft Emory Toler – I Can Fly (Soulbridge Deep)
Luka ft Jaidene Veda – Overstanding (M60 Dub)
Purpledoll – Sweetest Dreams (Orig)
Thandi Draai – Down On Me (Monodeluxe Boutique)
Tamara Wellons – Behind The Veil (Jose Carreta’s Son Liva Vocal)
Kon ft Induce – Love Shine (Kon’s Dub)
Nkokhi ft Troy Denari – Higher Love (Orig)
Luse Spideri – Above The Water (Vox)
Saucy Lady – I’m Ready (Orig)
AfroniQue Soulz ft Sarai Jazz – Nostalgia (Nteeze & Andy)
BlackChild ft Miss P – Its Still Love (Stereo Tone)
DJ Lamor ft Rocio Starry – I’ve Been Loving You (Orig)
Stereo Tone ft Mosa – Don’t Walk Away (Orig)
Ultra Nate – The Rush (David Harness)

So I hope you enjoy this as much as I have bringing it to you, today, every day before & for all those days yet to come!
My thanks as always go out to each & everyone that joined me in the Pressure Lounge, those who locked in from the outside & to you guys on the download. Thank You All! x
Si Sutton Vocal Booth weekender 2012


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