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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 20-sep-15 Soulful n Deep

22 September 2015

Hey Everybody,

So, there’s been a VB since the last time I posted & let me say, 7yrs in & it’s still delivering the magic on every level ! Now the downside of this of course is that most of us get somewhat over enthusiastic, there’s little sleep & the recovery week after is always a downer……
To get us out of the fugue then, we do things a little differently from the usual & put together a selection of tracks that put me in mind of the VB musical vybe – not tracks I heard, or special moment, but rather tracks across the board that are representative of what you might hear at any given time. Im not sure that they all naturally flow as they might with a standard set from me, but again this for me gives the feel of moving from one room to another, or simply one dj to another.
So, we kick off with a DnB track to mark having had LTJ Bukem as a special guest & move on from there, a little up, a little down, a little deep, a little soulful. We feature a few artists that were there & my thanks go out to them for providing me with the music to share with you guys in a tracklist that goes like this….

Si Sutton soulful deep VB2015 inspired mix

Drumagick – Feelings
Sex-O-Sonique – I Thought It Was You (Salt City Orchestra)
Metokan – We Did It Wrong (Orig)
Groove Riddim – Funky Friend (Orig)
DJ Pope ft Sheila Ford – So Into U (Davide’s Fiores)
Luis Radio & Raffa Scoccia ft SuSu Bobien – Believe (Muthafunkaz Praise & Worship)
Master Fale ft Bophelo – Thin Ice (Orig)
Asia Lynn – Feel The Music (Blackwax and Riberinho Unreleased Dub)
Chaka Kenn – One For All (Kenny Summit’s Native Tongues Drop)
Diephuis & Tommy Diep ft Natasha Watts – Drowning In Your Love (Orig)
Joe Davis – Love Affair (Trackheadz PhatBlack Vox)
BabyFace Jay ft Elrae – Lunar Eyes (Craig Stewart & Jonny Montana Vox)
Circle Of Funk ft Charlene Samms – Challenge (Alliance DC Revenge of the Soul Boy)
Ely Bruna – Found Love (Submantra’s Soulful Re-Edit)
Gumzito ft Sabrina Chyld – I’m Loving Me (SK95)
Kai Alce & Rico ft Kafele Bandele – Take A Chance (Kai Alce Original NDATL Vocal)
IndySoul ft Darian Crouse – It’s Me (I’m The One) (Indy’s Organic)
Jersey Maestros ft Anthony M Johnson – Move On (Main)
Leanbacker – New York City (Ross Couch House Edit)
V.Soul ft Matthew Yates – The Way I Feel (Main Wax)
Flush – Come Back Baby
Groove Motion – To the Music (Orig)

So thank you to all those that joined me in the chatroom, everyone who was still unpacking in the background & all you guys that will download this episode – I hope it reaches you how it left me – tired & inspired, until next year….

Si Sutton
Si Sutton Vocal Booth Weekender 2015


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