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DJP 11-Feb-2016 Soulful House And Garage Podcast

14 February 2016

DJP Soulful House And Garage Podcast 11-Feb-2016 SHAG  (Extended edition)

DJP Soulful House And Garage Podcast 11-Feb-2016 SHAG

Num. Artist – Title
1 Milky Thee Soul, Mikie Blak, Abicah Soul – Chase The Sun (Abicah Soul Vocal Mix) JAN 2016
2 DJ Pope feat. Mustafa Akbar – Heaven (DJ Pope’s Heaven Vocal)
3 Vivi Da Cado, O Tee – Blessings From God (Jazzical Mix)
4 Lusi Mel – Local Mover’s (Jazz & Blues)
5 Dj Licky & Junior Pitt, Alec Sun Drae – Can’t Wait For Love (Deeplomatik & Masta P Remix)
6 Darque, Black Coffee, Kaylow – Ready For The World (Original Mix)
7 JayMoss Crew – Deep In The Jungle
8 Reagan Grey ft Christie Nelson – Love love [DJ Pope mix]22 Dec 10
9 DjPope ft. Sheila Ford – LOVE 2008 REMIXES (Sofitone Vocal Mix)
10 Deepconsoul – Last Time We Kissed
11 Afrodrops – Nice Cream EP (Nice Cream (original mix)
12 AFRO-REBEL_Tinozz_n_Poetic – Intoxicated – Ronny D UNR Mix
13 Mahjong – Cali Nights Nardis Mix
14 Tyrone Ellis – Music In The Air (Reel Soul Deep Vocal Mix)
15 kerri chandler ft Arnold Jarvis – Music is my friend
16 Kerri Chandler ft Roy Ayers – Good Vibrations [Orig]Madhouse 2003
17 Chujo – Always Be Around (Original Mix)
19 Ralphi Rosario feat. Linda Clifford – Wanna Give It Up – Lego’s Dub
20 Ben Watt & Justin Martin – lone Cat [2005]
21 Quentin Harris – Haunted (feat. Sly Scott)
22 Patrick Green – Back in Time (Flute Mix)
23 Underground Solution feat. Jasmine – Luv Dancin’ (In Deep Mix)
24 Lord-Driga Markwaeh – Half Moon
25 Arco – Melody Of Love (Arco 2013 remix)
26 Dawn Tallman – Jumpin [DC productions nu-soul rmx]
27 Scott Wozniak – Misfired 2007
28 Marlon D. – Deep In The Conga EP (Sizzling Congas (Melted Conga Mix)
29 Gypsy Men (Todd Terry) – Babaratiri [TT100 Part 1] 2001
30 DJ Le Roi ft Roland Clark – I Get Deep (Original Mix)
31 DEEPoint – Sunset Point (Original)

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Soulful House And Garage 11-Feb-2016


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