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SHAG 9-May-16 Soulful House And Garage DJP

11 May 2016

Soulful House And Garage Podcast and Playlist from 9-May-2016


Including a Hot new track from Jackie Queens & Enoo napa

# Artist – Title
1 Doug Gomez – Our Thing (Original Mix)
2 De Vibe Tribe – Deep In The Lake (Main Mix)
3 Afronature – Chilling Vibe
4 Abicah Soul – Lonely Hearts (Instrumental)
5 Mario Marques, CT Martin, Kenny Carpenter – Caught Up (Kenny Carpenter Honeybun Vocal Mix)
6 Luciano Gioia, Luis Radio – Pacifico (Luis Radio Remix)
7 Kelvin Sylvester, Nephrom! – Special Kind Of Love (Original Mix)
8 CPEN – Tweed Heads (Matthew Bandy remix) – 5A – 125
9 Terry Lex – Rhythm Of Life [Original Club]12-3-11
10 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa – Read My Mind ***
11 Mat2Strass, Kenny Bobien – I Will (Deep Mix)
12 Hideo Kobayashi, Lisa Taylor, JT Donaldson – Right Here (JT and Hideo Remix)
13 Gintonic – Love Today (Original Mix)
14 Moon Rocket, Tori Rogg – Who You Are (The Moon Ext. Mix)
15 Octopuz, Mr Jbu – More I Love You (9090 Deeper Vocal Mix)
16 Dzo(AudionicSouls) – Days (729 Soulful Mix)
17 Lesny Deep, De Vow – Believe Me (Instrumental Mix)
18 Johan S, Soulfuledge – The One (Original Mix)
19 Anthony Mea – Street Of Love
20 Braderz (Da posse ft Martell 1989) – Searchin’ Hard 2016 Braderz remake

*** Hot new Amzing Promo by Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa – Read My Mind

+++ Exclusive Promo Only Not for sale

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Soulful house And Garage Podcast 9-May-2016

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