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SHAG 1-Aug-2016 Soulful house And Garage Podcast

4 August 2016

Another Episode from the Monday Night S.H.A.G. Radio show Podcats Featuring the best in Soulful and Afro house music

# Artist – Title
1 Problem Child Ten83, Dvine Lopez – Musical Feeling (Tekniq’s D Tech Mix)
2 SoulLab – Lose Appreciation
3 Chymamusique – Love Anthem
4 Steve Paradise, Tai Malone – Over and Out
5 Scott Wozniak – Evermore (Instrumental Mix)
6 Sheldon Goode – You (Instrumental)
7 D La Dino – Soul Cafe (Original Mix)
8 Diana Lynn, Stones & Bones, Abicah Soul – Wonderland (Abicah Soul Mix)
9 DJ E-Clyps, Anya V, Spike Reble – Lucky #7 (Original Mix)
10 Groovyman feat. Jamie George – 2Lift Me Up (Instrumental)
11 Andy Ward feat Sofia Rubina – Streets Of The Sun (Heavyweight Mix)
12 D.General, Mahume – Misconception (Original Instrumental)
13 A-Luta – Sadness & North (Original Mix)
14 Sean McCabe And Nathan Adams – Someday We’ll All Be Free (Original)
15 Contre Sens – Black History (Original Mix)
16 Lifford, Wipe The Needle, Kai Alcé – Rise Up (Kai Alce DISTICTIVE Remix)
17 Bizio Cool – Peace
18 Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa – Read My Mind

SHAG 1-August-2016 Sopulful House And Garage

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