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c2eMusic August 2016

28 September 2016


It was a case of third time lucky with this mix. Bought half of the tracks at the start of the month and enjoyed the mix but didn’t have enough for two hours. Tried again mid month but didn’t like the flow. Finally I bought some more new tracks at the end of the month and mixed this on the fly on my Pressure Radio show. Much happier with the result.

Some big tracks in here, highlights for me “Dust Devil”, “Valentine’s Groove”, “Coming To You”, “Strings” and “The Ascent”.

Remember you can catch the show live on Pressure Radio every Thursday – 9 to 11pm Sydney, 12pm to 2pm London and 7am to 9am NYC.

This mix is available to stream on and

If this download doesn’t work, then pick it up from

1: Pixel82 – Going On (Jad & The Ladyboy Remix)
2: Nachtbraker – Pollo Con Pollo
3: Brame & Hamo – Retrospect
4: S3A – Antois Benime (Austral Parc)
5: Dairmount – Dust Devil (Dub)
6: Adesse Versions – Wash My Car (Jacques Renault Edit)
7: Angelo Ferreri – Walking Jazz
8: Tokita, DK & The Doctor – Nobel’s Prize
9: KiNK – Valentines Groove
10: Quentin Kane, Simon Sheldon, TK Blue – The Blue Room
11: Gershon Jackson, Rona Ray – Raindance (Shon Jackson’s House Of Omni)
12: JoioDJ – I Believe (F&B Main Mix)
13: Soul Central – In-Ten-City (Vocal Mix)
14: Jill Scott – Coming To You (House N HD Terry Hunter & Mike Dunn Soulfrica Mix)
15: Alex Agore – Ultra
16: Acilles & One – Sleepless
17: KiNK – Strings
18: The Journey Men, Hanlei – Feeling Myself
19: Johan S – Running
20: Ouer – The Ascent
21: Soledrifter – Just Friends
22: Delivio Reavon, Jennifer Cooke, Yax.X – Society (Josh Butler Remix)
23: Mike Steva, Motty, Siobhan – Weekend Love (Louie Vega Ritual Dub)
24: Lisa Shaw – Let It Ride (Jimpster’s House Remix)



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