This being the last ‘House to House’ Radio Show of 2016, slightly extended, featuring ‘some’ of my favourite tracks of 2016, taken from the ‘LUSH folder’ 😉 2hrs of Quality Soulful House with a large helping of Afro House Lush-ness! 🙂

Thanks to everyone who plays/downloads the podcast I hope you’ve enjoyed the tunes as much as I have enjoyed playing them and BIG love goes out to all the artists for the proper Lush music they make…I Thank You <3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Divided Souls, Samuri, Jama – Motherland
Suges, Nadine Falling in Love Again
Lord-Driga Markwaeh – Half Moon
DJ Bakk3, Komplexity, Jay Sax – No Words To Express (How I Feel)
KqueSol, Shatti – Holding On
H Justini, Velma Dandzo – Now
Tracebeatz, Bob, Darian Crouse, N’Dinga Gaba – Won’t Be The One (N’Dinga Gaba Remix)
Ananda Project, Chris Brann, Reelsoul – Glory Glory (Reelsoul Remix)
Jackie Queens & Enoo Napa – Read My Mind
VeneiGrette, SDM Feat.Gemini E Porter – Can’t Take It No More (Radio Mix)
DJ Stax, Morzaaq Defvillage, Mthi Wa Afrika – Where Should I Go (Mthi Wa Afrika’s Soulful Feel)
Ross Couch – Falling Without You
Chymamusique – Love Anthem
Fuminori Kagajo Feat. Cosmiq – Breathe Again (Original Deep Mix)
Jullian Gomes Feat. Sarai Jazz – Wait for You
Jonny Miller, Sabrina Chyld – House22
Master Mello, Kgaoza – Love Won’t Do You Wrong
Darque Feat. Bel Ami – I Wonder
DJ Tucks, Ultimo Numero, Rhealm – Breaking Boundaries (Vocal Mix)
Saraga – Deep Down
Nicky Deep, Deep Cuebik Roots – Friends With Benefit
Octopuz – Suddenly (Jazzy Ride Mix)
Roque, Veron – Power of Love
Cottonseed – Caught By Love (Slippin’ Fallin’)
Craque Soulstars – One Soul

Thank you for listening <3

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