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Thank you, Pressure Radio 15th Birthday Party

30 March 2018

Our 15 Year Birthday Alldayer Party in conjunction with Underneath at Herd in Bedford went with a bang!

From 4pm right through to the end in the early hours was such a great day, people traveled from all over the UK to join us and we had a surprise visitor all the way from Spain, Vocal Booth head honcho Andy Ward flew in especially for the party (I did a double take when he tapped me in the shoulder).  My Sister also surprised me by showing up and it was just beautiful to have so many friends. Pressure Radio and Vocal Both Family  in one place.

It was a great social during the day as people arrived in dribs and drabs which was a great opportunity to catch up and meet a few new faces. Many dined at Herd‘s restaurant sampling their amazing gourmet burgers.  During the evening it started to get nice and busy and by the end of the evening the whole place was full including the restaurant, the bar even started to run out of some drinks.

As well as Pressure’s 15th birthday it was also Mine, Mervs, Kelli’s and Julie Prince Birthdays and Congratulations to Crissy Millard and Stuart on their 7 Years anniversary.

Pressure Radio 15 year Birthday Cake

Pressure Radio 15 years Birthday Cake (thanks Migs)

I would like to thank Matt from Herd who basically said yes to everything we wanted for the day and provided the perfect venue and facilities.

Special thanks to Miggs and Ben (the JourneyMen) who we shared their night with, was an absolute pleasure and dream to work? with you guys really appreciate your accommodation and help and thank you for the amazing cake (wow!!) Look out for their regular dates at Herd.

Thank you to all the Pressure Radio DJ’s  Pugwash, Julie Prince, Dini, Damian, Anlaysir & Curlydeb, Brother C and of course the Mighty Journeymen. Thank you to those who said nice things about my set too.

Thank you to Diana Wait who did a great PA and also helped out before the Party, lovely to see you Dee my risk assessment worked (private joke)

Thank you to George, Herd Sound Engineer (usually a thankless task but having done similar jobs I really appreciated Goerges help and knowledge of the systems)

And then of course massive thanks again to all those who traveled so far to  party with us,  you truly made my day!


Who knows we may do it again next year…


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