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The Brother C’s “Risin’ “, Sat 6 Nov ’10

8 November 2010

Track-listing 6 November ’10:

Eskadet – Elements Of Distorsion (Solitudes EP)

Mr. Jones feat. Marsden – Ape Man (Mr. Jones’ Evolved Mix)

Maddslinky feat. Nile Sugar – Travelling (Make A Change LP)

Hippie Torrales & George Mena feat. Robin Reed – Wastelands (Submantra & DJ Umbi Remix)

Musaria feat. Saturna – Moment (Atjazz Vocal)

Tomson & Benedict – Rainy Things (Original Mix)(Rainy Things EP)

Maddslinky feat. Jenna G – Fly (Make A Change LP)

Richard Fenn – Jardines Del Mar (Friends Of The Booth EP)

3 Amigos feat. Denvil – See What I See (Scott Wozniak Club Mix)

Soul Elevation Music pres. A. David – Cheatin’ Man (Eric Levan Main Vocal Mix)

Glenn Underground – Trust (Chicago Broken Dub)

Jiro – Get A Hold (Disco Vibes EP 6)

Andy Tamashi feat. Wendy D. Lewis – Feel The Sunshine (Jonny Montana Remix)

Ollie Brooke feat. Nica Brooke – Fireflies (Mystery & Matt Early Broken Beat Mix)

Dolls Combers – Squeezed Funk (Globalizing EP)

Boogie Rapture – Detroit In The Mirror

Alex Garcia – My Joy (Park St. Remix)

Souled – Sweet Nothings (Sweet Nothings EP)

The Soulfellaz feat. Black Man Soul – Love Trama Vocal (Mix 1)

…and here’s the download link:

…hope you enjoy – as always, thanks to all who locked on…



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