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The Seminal Sessions: DJ Semi 2-Nov-10

4 November 2010

01) Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death (La Funk Mob Variation)
02) Bethurum – Synesthesia
03) Reel People Feat. Tony Momrelle – It Will Be (Ezel S Vocal Remix)
04) Incognito feat Linda Lee Hopkins – Zaius (Ski-Okenfull Mix)
05) Inner Soul – (Reloaded dub)
06) Andy Caldwell – Warrior
07) Tortured Soul – Home To You (Ethan White Instrumental Remix)
08) Steal Vybe – Loves Song
09) Tortured Soul – Hows Your Life (Alix Alvarez Mix)
10) Tortured Soul – Fall In Love (TS Live Remix)
11) Steal Vybe – Algorhythm (Here Comes The Sun)
12) Steal Vybe – Reach (main mix)
13) DJ Hypnos Chris IDH Feat. Nickson – I Lost A Good Friend
14) Greg Stainer – On Your Feet (Original)
15) Andre Harris – C U Movin (Alex Peace and Klose
16) Aaron Ross – Showtime (Dave Mayer Remix)
17) Aftershock – Slave to The Vibe (Ed Case mix)
18) Braderz – The Hike (Original Mix)
19) Groove Invaderz Feat. Nicole Tyler – Keep Risin’ 2009 (Earnshaw’s Risin’ Dub)
20) Tortured Soul – Don’t Hold Me Down [Original Mix)
21) Tortured Soul – Home To You (Pirahnahead’S Inaugural Vocal)
22) Tortured Soul – Enjoy It Now (123 Extended Vocal Mix)
23) Tortured Soul – I Might Do Something Wrong (Original Mix)


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