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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 5th Dec 2010

9 December 2010

Hey Guys n Gals,

The big chill continues here in the UK & so we turn the musical heat up!…. My thanks to all that joined us in the chat & all the silent listeners running Pressure as their soundtrack to life!

Tracklist (Playlist)  & Download link

Fabio La Rovere ft Jordan Dee – A Friend (house device)
Eternal Sunshine – Beautify Me (house device)
Kathy Yolanda Rice – Feelin The Heat (tnt classic dub)
Kings of Swing – What They Say (orig)
Aczess – Do What We Do (stella brown
MuSol vs Nu Rhythmix vs The Tempatations
Cristian Stolfi – Sun See (stolfi dub)
Bernard Badie ft Dajae – Truth Hurts (sean smith)
Black Powder – One Chance (dub)
Black Powder – One Chance (vox)
United Soul ft MJ White – Insatiable (house device)
Hard Mix! – Get The Soul (vox)
Benedetto Farina ft LT Brown – Im So Grateful (ray jones vox)
Guy Robin ft Sherona Knight – Still Standing (vox)
Michael Watford – For Your Love (melchyor a’s dub)
Kim English – Treat Me Right (jonny montana)
DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love – Let It Feel Good (classic)
Deep Soul Project – This Light (house device)
Willy & Reloaded – Heaven (euan mitchell)
Red Box Lounge – Sweet Love (edmund vox)
Andy Ward & Timmy Vegas – Song For Sharma/My Vow (groove assassin)
Edmund ft Natasha Watts – Fantasy (carlos vargas alternative)

Catch you all next week, 8pm – 10pm(gmt) Sunday on Pressure

Si Sutton


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