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The Brother C’s “Risin’ “, Sat 29 Jan ’11

29 January 2011

Track-listing 29 January ’11:

Hideo Kobayashi – Beautiful Moment (Love From Nagano Mix)
Paris Cesvette feat. Dayve Stewart – Go The Distance (Paris Late Night Mix)
Black Sauce – Abigail (Vocal Mix)
Eskadet – Elements Of Distorsion (Solitudes EP)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham feat. Nica Brooke – Giving Only (Original Mix)
Suges & Martino pres. Eminence feat. Limore – Someone Else (Original Version)
DJ Hypnosis feat. Nickson & Amera Light – Make Me Love You (Sister Luv Mix)
DJ Hypnosis & Chris IDH feat. Nickson – Something Like This (Main Vocal Mix)
Andrea Carissimi feat. Kaysee – Salvation (AC Deep Groove Mix)
Musaria feat. Saturna – Moment (Atjazz Vocal)
E-Man & Doc Link – New Reality 2010 (Daz-I-Kue Remix)
Dolls Combers – Chillosophy (Globalizing EP)
DeepCitySoul – Straight Line (Unearthed EP)
Aroop Roy – Step Back (Yellowtail Remix)(Told Me EP)
Munchies – Are You (Tom Drummond Remix)
Arkitex vs. Chilli – Paradise (SCD Remix)
Sandman – Latin Fire (Kai Alce Remix)
Richard Fenn – Jardines Del Mar (Friends Of The Booth EP)
3 Amigos feat. Denvil – See What I See (Scott Wozniak Club Mix)
Soul Elevation Music pres. A. David – Cheatin’ Man (Eric Levan Main Vocal Mix)
Maddslinky feat. Jenna G – Fly (Make A Change LP)
The Layabouts feat. Shea Soul – Perfectly (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
Jose Carretas feat. Sabrina Chyld – Let’s Escape (Original Mix)
Dennis Ferrer – So Beautiful (Ghetto Discotek Building EP)
Hideo Kobayashi – Beautiful Moment (Original Floor Mix)
D-Reflection feat. Christa – Wave Of Love (Ananda Project Extended Mix)(Adaptation Music WMC 2010 Sampler)
Distant People feat. Dee Major – Guidance (Lovebirds Back In 1998 Mix)
Erykah Badu – Next Lifetime (Chubby Kidz Remix)

…and here’s the download link:

…hope you enjoy – as always, thanks to all who locked on…



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