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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on Pressure 20th Feb 2011

20 February 2011

Hi Guys n Gals,

Great to be back on air after a couple of IT issue related weeks away & wonderful to see so many of you in the chat.

So as I had some catching up to do, the set went a little something like this

Direct Download Link


Herb Alpert – Rotation (reelsoul bootleg mix)
Logical Groove ft Leon Beal – Ready For The Nightlife (Pablo Dj Deep Soul Mix)
Placidic Dream ft Janine Johnson – Spotlight (Mojito’s Deep’ N’ Dirty Dub)
Danny Clark & Jay Benham ft Natasha Watts – Feel My Beat (Lenny Fontana)
Kentphonik ft Mimi – U Thando (DJ Jorj Club Mix)
Steve Littlemen ft Riz – Favourite Jazz (Original Mix)
Julie Dexter – Make You Dance (Miggedy’s Jazzin’ Jumpin’ Remix)
Bakndidae – The Jazz (Regroove CM18 Edit)
Raoul Khan – Thinking About You (Ross Couch Remix)
Byron Stingly – It’s All Jesus (Sean McCabe Dub Mix)
Leroyal – Promise (To Love You Forever) (Muthafunkin Forever Mix)
Sade – Hang On To Your Love (Matthew Kyle For Love Mix)
Ziggy Funk ft Taliwa – Everyday (Yass Classic Mix)
The Sound Soldiers ft Lorena – My Love (Chris IDH Remix)
April Hill – Today (Deepcitysoul’s 2moro Mix)
Aki Bergen Ft Carmen Sherry – Into My Soul (Original Mix)
New Mondo – Total Control (Deep Mix)
Roy Davis jnr ft Peven Everett – Gabrielle (Tamborine Dub)
Re-Jazz ft Alice Russell – Gabrielle (Kiko Navarro Ocho Remix)
Blaze pres UDA ft Barbara Tucker – Most Precious Love (franck roger remix)

So thank you all & I will be back next week,

same time 8pm-10pm on Pressure Radio

Si Sutton


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