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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 6-may-12 on Pressure

16 May 2012


Hey Guys n Gals,

There were a few birthdays this w/end & with Pressure being 10yrs old next year as well as VB hitting 15, I was in a reflective mood & took things back a decade or so to some of the tracks I enjoyed spinnin back in the day… hope they bring back a happy memory for y’all too

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DJ Pierre – Good Love (Dennis Ferrer Foreplay)
Thick Dick – Insatiable (Rasmus Faber)
DJ Romain pres Soul Haze ft Keith Thompson – One More (main)
Dawn Tallman – Steal Away (orig)
Yolanda Adams – Open My Heart (Pound Boys)
Fonda Rae – Over Like A Fat Rat (Jazz n Groove)
Brian Tappert & Grant Nelson ft Vuela – The Only Way (Club)
King Unique – L I W Y N (Knee Deep Classic)
Soul Avengerz – Love You Feel (promo)
Soul Searcher ft Donna Allen – Feelin Love (orig)
Jasper St Co –  Lift Every Voice (Spen & Karizma)
Black Rooster ft Dawn Tallman – Missing You (classic club)
Guy – Dancin’ (Grant Nelson)
Darryl James – Where Da Party At?
Urban Soul – Whatever Makes You Happy (Soulworkz)
Blaze pres Funky People ft Cassioware – Funky People (jinx rollerdisco)
Murk – Reach For Me (Ben Watt Future)
MJ Cole – Sincere (Migs Petal Pusher)
Johnny D & Nicky P – Wild Kingdom (club)
South St Players – Who Keeps Changin Your Mind (Karousel)

I shall be bringing things bang up to date again next time on Pressure, Sundays 8pm – 10pm, so come join me in the chat & dont forget to follow this podcast, so it wont matter if you do forget, you will still get your fortnightly dose of Dance Music for Grown Ups

Si Sutton


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