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Si Sutton 13-Jan-2013 Intellidantzia radio show

16 January 2013

….And so another year ends & a new one begins, I truly hope you all left what you didnt need behind you & made space for all you need in T One Three!
Like a lot of others, what I didnt need was manflu over Xmas! Thankfully thats now flown, leavin me with a need to bring some soulful healing to you guys & whilst theres some fresh gems in here, theres also some trips back to good times past & a few that do both with a tracklist that goes like this:

Chanelle – Lift Me To Heaven (TSOP Breakdown)
Julius Papp & Rick Preston – Mama’s Back RP’s More Horny Edit)
Franky Fresh ft Billie Brown – Saying Nothing (Franky Fresh orig)
Tracy Hamlin – Drive Me Crazy (Spen & Irv Phuture of Da Hump)
Andrea Love – Come Together (Bobbby & Steve & James Ratcliff)
Jerk House Connection ft The Fabulous Miss D – Cool Love (orig)
Bobby D’Ambrosio ft Anthony Dixon – Just Call (Osio Club)
Kimara Lovelace – Circles (Soneec)
Pirahnahead – West Growl Blvd (P’s Motown)
Lady Aya – Shake Your Body (Joey Negro Disco Vox)
Smokin Beats – Dreams (Vocal Mix)
B 15 Project ft Crissy D & Lady G – Girls Like Us (orig)
Soulfunktion ft Diana Waite – House Music Feelin (Classic Vox)
Mr V – H.O.U.S.E. (Bacanito & Mojazz Soul on SOLE Vox)
DJ Oji ft Kimara Lovelace – You Can Get It (Spen & Thommy Garage Hump)
Dawn Tallman – I Am Free (Latest Craze Vox)
Darryl D’Bonneau & Tony Lebron – Message [that boy can sing]
The St8Jackets ft Dawn Tallman – Love To Give (Josh Milan Honeycomb)
Vickie Ryan – Fear (12 Shades of Fantasy)
Meechie Faire & LadyMarySound ft J T Thompson – Dear Mother (LMS Drum mix)
Dawn Souluvn Williams & Shumoka Willliams – Round & Round (Unreleased Vox)
DJ Vivona & Newland vs Impact ft Daria B – Holdin On (Louie Balo New York Vox)
Fantastic Plastic Machine – The Whistle Song (Sunaga’T Experience)

So I shall be back on your radio, Sundays 8pm – 10pm on Pressure Radio, proud to be celebrating its 10th year of bringing you the very best in what we call house, what we feel as love, what we breath as life….

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Si Sutton


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