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Tony Taz Whitfield

Tony Whitfield a Chicago native raised on its Southside began his musical career with instruments. Playing several fluently, but having interest all genres of music was taken by the vibe of House. Introduced to him via such DJs as Frankie Knuckles, Ron Hardy, Andre Hatchett and one in particular took interest in him. Dj Lil John at the time Resident Dj @ The Rink Fitness Factory gave a young man with a large crate of records a chance. Thus Dj Tony Whitfield was born. Becoming a Dj at venues such as The Rink(resident), The Hummingbird(resident), Mr. G’s, Gentle Persuasion, The Vizitation, weekly show on WKKC Radio all before the age of 18. Joined the Navy, while abroad gave House-Heads everywhere a serving of Chicago Style House Djing.

“Tony Whitfield was my original right-hand-man from the 90’s, back when djs like Paul Johnson, Gant-Man, and Tyree Cooper were beginning to make a name for themselves. He was MY “go-to” guy whenever I had to travel, or needed cover for a few of my own residences! The fact that he went into hiatus, relocated away from Chicago, and now resurrecting himself via Pressure is only a small testimony to his passion for true House music!” −Dj Lil John