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Country Beat Collective

The Country Beat Radio Show Team consist of a selection of dedicated House DJ’s that represent Country Beat® playing at our annual festival and also at the club representing Country Beat Goes Urban®. They are all super excited to pass on their unique blend of Soulful and Deep house House music for your pleasure.
Neil Pinnock – Neil Pinnock has a long and creditable music career that started off back in 1982 when he ran a Reggae sound system “Jah Love HiFi” with his friend in the Army. Neil got back into DJing in 2003 after his son started playing house music at a local club. Sixteen years on and Neil is still pleasing the crowds with his unique blend of Soulful and Deep House music both on the radio and in the club. Neil founded Country Beat as a pre party for SunceBeat back in 2009, held in the fields behind his house, but in 2016 took Country Beat on the road, forming Country Beat Goes Urban as he had outgrown holding the event at his house.

Chris Hewitt – Growing up in Birmingham, Chris’s early musical influences ranged from numerous genres ranging from Funk, Soul, Reggae, Ska and anything else that was playing on the radio at the time. Learning to play the piano at an early age gave him the knowledge to read play and begin to love music. Moving to London in the late 80s opened his eyes to a while new genre that was exploding and he was hooked. House music was born for him and throughout the following years he listened to every sub genre there was. – Fast forward to today, his soulful roots definitely come out in the music he plays. A leading member of the Country Beat Collective since its inception, he is known for his deep and soulful sets for Country Beat Goes Urban parties and events across the country. His sets for Pressure Radio are something that will give us all an insight into his musical taste.

Urel Brown – As a youth Urel grew up listening to Soul, Funk, Reggae & various other genres through his fathers love of music as a promoter in the West Midlands. It was this solid grounding, that has enabled Urel to develop his signature music style of sweet soulful house. With over 10 years of DJ experience, 2012 was a landmark year for him as he was able to play at one of the biggest events in the House music calendar, “The Vocal Booth Weekender”

Roly Andrews – Roly Andrews’s journey started many years ago at Southport Weekender when he was sharing a chalet with Lil Stevie, who had brought up a pair turntables for a chalet party and he asked for a go. He soon got the bug and went out to purchased a pair of Technics 1210 turntables. Since then he has had slots on Phatbeats Radio, back2back radio and joint the Country Beat team in 2014.

Andy Comarsh – Never really considered himself to be a DJ he was just lover of great music who likes to share that passion from time to time. The DJ bug took hold of him when he won the very first clash of the titans at The Vocal Booth Weekender in 2010 and since then he has been a regular artist on the VB weekends. Andy played at Country Beat in 2017 and stamped his mark as a DJ with his unique blend of funk and soul.

Catch the Country Beat Collective Radio Show Live Every Tuesday 6pm UK Time on Pressure Radio