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Jeffie Gee

I have been a music lover and collector since the age of Seven. initially a huge fan of rock and blues as my taste expanded I discovered techno and house in the early 90s and things have never been the same again.

Around 1998 I found a club called garage city at bar rumba in London, a small underground club playing “US Garage” this was my sound, this was what I was looking for an energetic mixture of soul, jazz, funk and house beats… fast forward to 2009 and while looking for an online radio station that played this kind of style I stumbled over pressure radio oh yeah!! they played that sound Deep and Soulful and Classic House & Garage…

Eventually, we made a trip to Spain for a festival called the Vocal Booth Weekender, organised and promoted by Andy Ward a pressure radio DJ. It is like coming home with the fellas (and ladies) from pressure radio, amazing times and amazing music. I couldn’t be more inspired to share my music with my brothers and sisters in sound… and here we are over 7 years later and I am doing just that. I thank them all for the encouragement and support especially DJP, Carol, Pugwash, Miloe, Charles, Frank, Si, Andy, Hooty & most of all the listeners & dancers keep doing what you do big love Jeffie Gee xxxx


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