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SPEEDTOPIA “Feel the Vybe”

SpeedTopia a merger of the Northern N.J. and NYC House Music scene brings a depth and breadth of over 30 years of combined DJ experience. A musical mix of talent, SpeedTopia is composed of a husband / wife DJ team, whose musical style is soulful, atmospheric, deep and rhythmically penetrating. Playing the best in House Music past and present, “SpeedTopia”, are purveyors of deep, infectious dance grooves while delivering a feel-good atmosphere and a cascading sound that causes tapping feet, swaying bodies and hypnotically moving people to the dance floor.

Mixing and blending the flow of deep and soulful house translates into danceable sets where they pick apart and infuse all the interlocking pieces of soul stirring music with its ethereal backdrop of brooding baselines, body hugging vocals, and transcendental rhythms.

In 2013, they gave birth to SpeedTopia! Speedy’s unique style of selecting, mixing, blending and riding tracks to keeping his thumb on the pulse of the dancer while combining, blending and pitching it with Utopia desire to musically mix and communicate, love and unity, the two key components the house music community stands for makes their combination spiritually magical.

Allen Speedy Jackson / Bass-ment Sessions

– DJ, House Music Producer, one-half of SpeedTopia started his musical journey at the age of four. Having grown up in a home where his mother and grandparents played an eclectic combination of jazz, disco and R&B all which became infused with his own love for under-ground club, Speedy ended up with quite a mixed spectrum of musical influence. Presently, his love for music has migrated to production work and hold the title of Founder and CEO of Face The Bass Records, whose tantalizing and progressive tracks is a must have for every house music lover.

Veronica Utopia Jackson / Spiritual Serenity

– DJ and graphic artist, one half of SpeedTopia started her musical path growing up on Salsa, R&B, Jazz and Rock. Having loved music at a very young age, she says, “Music has always been in my soul and dancing has always been in my heart.” These two childhood passions left her desiring to become a DJ. (To read full bios, please scroll down)