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Si Sutton Intellidantzia 19-May-13

22 May 2013

Hey Everyone,

So I missed the last show to spend the day with my mother to celebrate her birthday & now Im back but wanted to go some way towards making it up to you guys for my absence by bringing you a set from my heart n soul…..
Now I suppose everyone does things slightly differently & for me, its all about deciding on a track that I want to start with & then going where ever that may take me, mindful of any other considerations along the way. I cant quite explain what determines that first track, it does vary, although its generally about the “feel” & if that also comes with a beatless intro, then so much the better. So I kicked off this set with an absolute gem sent to me by A Deeper Groove & everything after that just seemed to fall into place smiley
One could say there are jazzy overtones to what is essentially a deep set & one would be quite correct, although dont be fooled into thinking its gentle or abstract as at times it is full on, just in a demure & classy way, with the rest of the track listing looking like this:

A Deeper Groove ft Jean Honeymoon – Life (Soulful Session)
Elements of Life ft Josh Milan – Children of the World (Tosca’s Solo)
Rishi K – Transient Day (Masahero Suzuki )
Gregory Porter – 1960 What (Ozak Fuller & Boyd Jarvis Mix 2)
RiskSoundSystem ft Marc Evans – Closer ( DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins)
Black Beat Niks – Get Over Yourself (Sean McCabe Jazzclub)
Festina Lente – In My Way
The Jersey Maestros ft Kim Beacham – Through It All (KJV)
Ziggy Funk ft Tess Leah – Thankful (Neil Pierce Beat Players)
Paul Deep ft Jayla – Run Away (Maurice Joshua)
Jovonn & Jersey Real Estate – What IS House (Shelter version)
Dawn Tallman – Believe in Love (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Extd)
Soulfunktion – Good Morning (Deep Vox)
Raffia Soccia & Cato – Honey Dip (orig)
Mena Keys & Marlon D – Love Somebody (Dave C Vox)
Mind Street ft Kandie Jones – More & More (Groove Assassin Deep Down)
DJ Garphie & Diviniti – Character 269 (P’s Way Back)
Kings of Tomorrow ft April – Fall For You (Sandy Rivera Classic)
First Choice – The Player (Oversound 2013 Rework)
Dajae – Don’t You Want My Love (Sean McCabe Vox)
Kayenne – Love Dont Love You (Kai Alice orig)

My thanks as always go out to everyone that joined us in the chatroom on the night, as well as all the silent listeners & you to guys, the Podcasters. I shall be back in just a short hop & a beat, so catch me on Sundays 8pm – 10pm on Pressure Radio, celebrating our 10th year of bringing real music to those who recognise the difference….

Si Sutton


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