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The Brother C’s Risin, 1-Feb-14

1 February 2014


Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Satin Jackets Instrumental Remix)

Rude Soul – Take It Easy (Original Mix)

DJ Christos feat. Monique Bingham – Outta Sight (Ralf GUM & Raw Artistic Soul Remix)

Magic Number feat. Angela Armstrong – Coming Back To Me (Atjazz Remix)

Nina Provencal – Soul Saviour (Bang The Drum Vocal)

Ron Trent & Tkumah Sadeek – Cross Roads

Chieko Kinbara feat. Josh Milan – Just Like Love (Timmy Regisford & Adam Rios Remix)

Irfan Rainy feat. Rex Leon & Vaceo – It’s Your World (Deeper NY Club Mix)

Angelo Mele – Good Morning Soul (Alvaro Hylander Broken Mix)

Michele Chiavarini & The Jazzcodes – The Music Tells Me (Original Mix)

Dust – Creatures (Agent K Remix)(Latino Lounge I EP)

Plutonia feat. Imani Uzuri – Forever (Original Mix)

Silvia Zaragoza feat. Erin Leah – Just A Girl (SoulTwins Slab O’ Soul Remix)

Ross Couch – Enlightenment

Diego Ruiz, Manny Gallardo & Tania Marissa – You Are The One (Todd Gardner Remix)

Rocco feat. Khensy – Still Water (Original Mix)

…and here’s the download link:


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