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c2eMusic April 2014 – Juicy

18 April 2014

Juicy-Orange c2eMusic

I debated whether to release this mix, but the reality is I am struggling to find the time these days. The lack of a release in March is proof of that. Again I had a show that nearly hit the mark and I planned to re-record with a few changes, but before you knew it March was gone.

So I am going to put out the first show of April from Pressure radio. Another reason for doing so is that although this won’t go down as one of the smoothest flowing podcasts, it does pack one hell of a punch in terms of the quality of the tunes.

Detroit Swindle are featured no fewer than three time, and it could have easily been more. If you haven’t checked out their new album “Boxed Out” then make it a priority TODAY.

Other HUGE stand out tracks include the incredible Simeon Belle’s “Take Me Over”. This had the chatroom bouncing and had me sweating, even with the new air con fitted to the music room!

Demarkus Lewis is another producer that is bringing the deeeeep heat right now. Often known for his Jackin sound he would appear to have thickened up the stock and the result is devastating. We have two tracks from him, and they are both well worth waiting for.

Lastly we pay tribute to the late and unbelievably great Frankie Knuckles. Anyone into house is likely to have had at least one Frankie inspired moment such was the great man’s influence.

Regular listeners will know that his Director’s Cut releases with Eric Kupper have been a firm favourite here, and it leaves you feeling he has gone too soon as he had hit full stride.

I’ve played this mix a few times now and the fact that it makes me want to listen again is reason enough to share it with you all.
Will be looking to get back to some sort of normal service again in May. In the meantime – crank this mutha UP!

Finally with the clock changes up top and down below the show is now back to it’s UK summer time of 12pm to 2pm. It will continue to be 9pm to 11pm in Sydney, and there is now no excuse for those of you on the east coast of the US and Canada not to tune in for breakfast.

1: Detroit Swindle – Center Of Gravity
2: Brie Boateng – Speak To Me
3: Jakobin, Domino – Always There
4: Max Graef – No 5
5: 4004 & Sebastian Vorhaus – Room Selections B
6: Franc Spangler – Painted Lady
7: Roland Nights – Start Again
8: Two 4 Soul, Chelsea Como – I Want You
9: Simeon Belle – Taking Me Over
10: A Lister – Watcha Doin’
11: Detroit Swindle – F6
12: Akabu, Alex Mills – Everybody Wants Something (Rhemi Remix)
13: Zorz Post & Emme – Come Back Love
14: Detroit Swindle – Shotgun
15: Mr Mike, Deep Bros – Let’s Do It Again (Ricky Morrison M&S Mix)
16: Steve Mill – Side To Side
17: Mannix, Rainy Payne – Breathless (Richard Ernshaw Mix)
18: Demarkus Lewis – I Feel It’s Over
19: Ross Couch – All Night (Dub)
20: Jason Mitchell – Up & In (Demarkus Lewis Remix)
21: Stimming – Funkworm
22: Fapples – Blink (Seph Vier Reinterpretation Mix)
23: Frankie Knuckles, The Directors-Cut – The Whistle Song (Re-Directed)
24: Nightwriters – Let The Music (Use You)



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