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Si Sutton Intellidantzia on 7-sep-14

24 September 2014

Hey Everyone,

So this is my lst show before heading off to the sun drenched Soulful House Mecca that is Vocal Booth. Now this shouldnt affect anything for you guys as I will be back in time or my next show, just wanted you all to know what Id be doing whilst you are listening to this smiley This weeks show then, the usual heady mix of soulful bouncyness, deepness & downright deliciousness with a tracklisting that goes like this…

Ron Carroll – Live In Me (orig)
Discrete – To Keep You
Cynthia Manley – Save The World (Jamie Lewis)
Klevakeys – Makes Me Jump (Spen & Thommy Hyper Active)
Cafe 432 ft Marcelle Duprey – Waste My Time (orig)
Tabula Rasa – Back In My Life (Atomiik)
The Astro Trax Team – The Energy (Feel The Vibe)
Fabio Rochembach ft Sharon May Linn – I Try (Streets Of Brazil Dub)
MG Select ft Cece Peniston – Love Don’t Take Over (Knuckles & Kupper Director’s Cut Signature)
Danny Clark ft Michelle Weeks – He Keeps Me (MAQman & Jezrael Vox)
Rhemi – Revolution (Rhemi Vox)
Wipe the Needle ft CT Martin – Grateful (orig)
Kai & Kyle, Gordon Chambers & CK Gospel Choir – Higher Than High (Sean McCabe)
Dj Vivona ft Miss D – To Another Day Part 2 (Dj Spen & Soulfuledge)
A.D.S.R. ft Nikinaqainou – Closer (orig)
Sol Brown ft Nicole Mitchell – I Am (orig)
Stacy Kidd ft Peven Everett – Groove Thang (Soulful Edge)
Fantasy ft Marco A. Berry – Blame It (Blackk Vokal)
Montana & Stewart ft Stephanie Cooke – Last Dance (Echofusions Deep)
I AM X – I Walk Alone (ft Stones & Bones) (orig)
Dr. Packer – Contemplating

So thats all for this week as Ive got to put some serious time in prepping my VB poolside set – if you wont be there with me for that, rest assured, I will be thinking of you…well ok, maybe not, but Id still wish you were there if I was thinking of you…
My thanks out to all that joined me in the chatroom, the omnipresent silent listeners & you guys the Podders, thank you one & all!
Si Sutton


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