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c2eMusic October 2014 (Recorded on Pressure 30 Oct)

9 November 2014

Alright I know I missed the deadline this month.  The mix was recorded in time during the last show of October on Pressure radio.  It then required me to get it uploaded which is where it all fell apart.
To be honest there is just too much going on at the moment.  Having said that no-one will know any different by the end of the year.
This set is definitely on the deeper side.  Most sessions these days have a decent 20 to 30 minutes of deep, but this one is a little longer than most.
There are a couple of great tracks from an artist I haven’t heard of before – Bohdi.  Both “Satisfaction”and “Imperfection”are a couple of crackers.
Have to also call out the fact that this month’s mix is top and tailed by Andy Hart with two belters in “The Same For Me” and “Merkin”
My favourite part of the set is from Kyodai’s “So Special” to Lay-Far’s “Side 2 Side”.
Not much to sing along to this month.  Still not feeling a lot of the traditional soulful stuff right now, hope that changes.

We have a brief nod back to the past with three tracks that either hail from 20+ years back or use samples from that time.  See if you can spot which ones, not the hardest test you will have done recently :).
We also have Harry Romero for a second month with “Get Down”.  He seems to have chilled recently and it’s more like Harry of the old early Sublimnal days.

Will try not to be late with November’s release.  Still have to sort out a Soulfuric and Subliminal set too.  Not enough time for all the projects stacking up.

Finally the clocks have changed so the radio show is now two hours earlier for the next few months.
That means it is now
9 to 11pm Sydney
10am to 12pm UK
Bit too early in the US!

Tracklisting: (Click artist to find where to buy)
1: Andy Hart – The Same For Me
2: Jakobin & Domino – Point Of View
3: Mountal – Gold Digger
4: Bodhi – Satisfaction
5: David Oniani – Ouroboros
6: Bodhi – Imperfection
7: Gregory Dub – Better Days
8: Kyodai – So Special
9: Fjaak – Don’t Cry (SLG Remix)
10: Lay-Far – Side 2 Side (Fouk Remix)
11: The Journeymen – Close To Me
12: Groove Assassin – C’Mon Now
13: Groove Committee – You Need Someone (Orig Vinyl Groove Committee Dub)
14: Jaegerossa – Do It To Me Baby
15: Kenny Summit, Tom Gianelli – Wait & See (Original Deepness)
16: Alex Agore – Too Shy
17: Michele Chiavarini ft Pete Simpson – Staring At The Sun
18: DJ Mark Brickman – Rhythm Is Love (God Gave Us Rhythm Mix)
19: Matteo Candura – The Pianos (Piers Kirwan Remix)
20: Harry Romero – Get Down
21: Ange Siddhar, Illan Nicciani – Snapback
22: Blinds – Dxin’
23: Andy Hart – Merkin



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