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Si Sutton 4-Oct-2015 Intellidantzia USDeepSoulAfro

5 October 2015

Hey Everybody,

So this week we were tired as all hell, but had the chance at an extra hour, so soldiered on regardless to bring you just over 3hrs of quality house music. We kicked things off with a nice little bounce in our step & kept the energy high for the first 30mins, then headed deeper & stayed that way to see out the 1st hour. The second & third hours ebbed n flowed, taking you up, down & all around with some outstanding soulful vocals, deep grooves & afro rhythms, mixing in some older tracks with hot new shizz to reach all the senses & produce emotion that other music just cant do with a tracklist that went like this:

Si Sutton 4-Oct-2015 Intellidantzia USDeepSoulAfro

PhonkworX ft Beatrix Delgado – Why Don’t You Love Me
CN Williams – House Clean (Orig)
Drop Out Orchestra ft Yvette – I Got It (H.I.M.W.O.L. )
Adri Block – She Got That Super Love (Adri Block Superbass Dubb)
David Morales ft Janice Robinson – There Must Be Love (Disco Juice Club)
DJ Freestyle ft Nadine – The Way It Was (Husky’s RSR Vox)
Kenny Summit – Like A Moth To A Flame
DJ SGZ ft Nina Provencal – Trouble (Soulbridge Classic)
Guido P ft Elan Noelle – I’m Here For You (DJ Hakuei)
Etu Beats ft Rona Ray – Only Between Us
JC Unique – Together (Orig)
Juan Chousa ft Sanna Hartfield – We Made It (Orig)
Gay Marvine – I Want Yr Love
Peyton & Yuriy Poleg – Haven’t I (Groove Delivers)
Silvia Zaragoza & Francois A ft Dyanna Fearon – Find A Better Way (Spen, Thommy & Dj Greg Lewis)
BKT ft Marie Tweek – Let Me Love You (BKT Deep Summer Vocal Ride)
Justin Imperiale ft Diviniti – Love Can Heal The World (Jonny Montana & Craig Stewart)
Lucius Lowe – Your Loves Enough (Orig)
Souxsoul ft Michael Williams – Time To Be Free (M & Ms Miami Sunset Club)
Rhemi ft Hanlei – Fallin’ (Orig)
Husky ft Mr. V – Soulful For The Haters
Tink Thomas – Poetic Soldiers (Vox)
Sol Brown ft Lady Alma – Your Time To Shine (Orig)
New Acid Wave ft Dawn Tallman – From Another Dimension (Louis Benedetti Extended Vox)
Lester Jay & Sean Ali ft Munk Julious – Breathe (Deep Sole Syndicate)
Lovebirds ft Galliano – Icarus (Mr. Beatnick)
ZuluMafia – Come to Me
Thabang ft McCoy Mrubata – Black Coffee[Orig]
Nicolas Bassi & Drexmeister ft Peter Jericho – Without Love (Main)
AAries – Don’t Give It Up (MdCL )
Zepherin Saint ft Ann Nesby & 3G – Optimistic (Main Vocal)

So as always, my thanks go out to everyone that joined me in the chat & those listening in on the outside – even those still wallowing in the misery that is being knocked out of our own Rugby World Cup sad
I will be back as usual in 2 weeks time, for perhaps the last time for a little while. I am off to South America until at least Christmas – more details to follow, but rest assured, Shizzla will be filling my boots during this time, so please afford him the love n loyalty you give to me!

Si Sutton
Si Sutton Soulful house DJ


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